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130 years ago

Notwithstanding the fact that Jack Roach, famous Monte sharp of the flush times of Eastern Nevada, has been frequently numbered among the dead, and forgotten by the newspapers, he has enjoyed the rare pleasure of perusing his own obituary notices, thus acquiring an accurate knowledge of the estimation in which he is held by people of the coast. A ticket puncher, who recently abandoned bourbon and took to the hot water of Arkansas Springs for repairs, accidentally dropped in on Jack. Jack was still indulging in gamboling (sic), in childish innocence, upon the green.

110 years ago

William Bruce and E. Honeyman, both members of the First Nevada Calvary, have been missing for quite some time. They were part of four prisoners that were marched through the streets and maltreated in the town of Malolos. The names of the four prisoners were found written on the walls of their prison in Malolos in charcoal.

70 years ago

The American who proposed a champagne toast to death as an Imperial Airways liner was about to crash over London last winter will visit Nevada in June. Jack Celler, a Connecticut man, was thrown into a Nazi jail and his camera smashed while photographing anti-Jewish riots in Munich. While on his way home, the liner narrowly averted crashing, but Celler made the headlines.

50 years ago

Sure to capture the fancy of Nevadans " particularly old timers " is the single and double jack drilling contests during Nevada's Silver Centennial June 12-14 in Virginia City. Heading the committee will be Peter Kelley of Carson City and a native of Eureka where such events were the mainstay a few years back during Fourth of July and Labor Day celebrations.

20 Years Ago

Glenn Miller of the Nevada Conservation League called a senate bill on mining reclamation "actually worse than nothing." Gov. Bob Miller called SB212 a bill that would "have the regulators controlling the regulators."

10 Years Ago

Lori Cernusak remembers well weighing more than 200 pounds after her second child was born. Today she has trimmed down to 117 pounds by teaching water aerobics and Shudo-Kan martial arts.

- Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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