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130 years ago

The Water for State Institutions. His Excellency, Governor Kinkead, will return here tomorrow. He has very likely made it his business to investigate the cost to bring water from Warm Springs to the Orphan's Home and the Capitol building. Within a few days the ultimatum respecting this project will be made public.

110 years ago

Wednesday the Supreme Court rendered a decision in the case of McMillan vs. Sadler in the gubernatorial contest. The rulings give Sadler's attorneys all they want in the shape of vantage ground in the trial and practically give them the case.

70 years ago

The Storey County Hospital was destroyed by flames last night, resulting in the death of one of its inmates. About one a.m. Stewartt Eckley of the hospital was awakened by one of the patients in the ward over the kitchen who decided the building was on fire.

50 years ago

Bucket of Blood Spilled by Queen. The Silver Queen moved within 1⁄2 games of first place Bucket of Blood Tuesday during Comstock bowling by downing the leaders 2-1. John Zalac's 166-494 led the attack, followed by Florence Colletti's 173 and Don McBride's 173-508 countering the losers.

20 Years Ago

Nevada grocery stores have begun illegally demanding fees from dairy suppliers to display their products on store shelves, a state regulator said recently. "Retailers are getting back into the business of selling shelf space and we are dead against it," said William Smith, executive director of the state Dairy Commission.

10 Years Ago

A mixture of mud and rocks closed Kingsbury Grade recently; cutting off traffic in both directions while workers removed the landslide.

- Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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