Letters to the editor 4-23

Scary Reid promoting

destruction of capitalism

Harry Reid is trying to be "Scary Reid." He is trying to scare worthy opponents from running against him with his announcement of all the multi-millions raised for his re-election campaign.

Scary does not realize that all the money in the world will not change his continued disregard for the will of the majority of the people. Responsible and informed citizens demand less spending, less pork and more accountability in Washington that Scary has ignored.

The one thing that truly scares me about Harry Reid is that he might win re-election and continue to promote the destruction of capitalism. When can we get term limits?


Carson City

Lawmakers ignoring

will of the people

Apparently the majority of state assemblymen consider the will of the voters of Nevada to be a suggestion, not a binding vote.

First, the people of Nevada voted for no smoking in restaurants. That was inconvenient for Nevada lawmakers, so that was tossed out.

Now Assemblymen Tick Segerblom and William Horne, both lawyers perhaps looking for personal financial gain, led the charge to remove the cap on medical malpractice insurance damages.

This cap was put in place by a 60 percent majority of the voters of Nevada. Period. It is what the people of Nevada want.

Segerblom and Horne, and the rest of the assemblymen who voted to remove the cap, simply don't care what the people of Nevada want. Here's an opportunity to make money through lawsuits, and they don't care that it's going to drive health insurance costs up for Nevadans. It's their pocketbooks first, fellow Nevadans second.

Here's hoping the senate will see through this selfish dollar grab and vote it down. In any case, we've got to remember who voted for this come election time.


Carson City

Things will get worse

before they get better

It's all too familiar about the devastating economic problems.

Many look to the new president as some kind of savior " the fix-it-all man. Why are so many placing their faith in this man? What may look good, actually is quite deceiving and dangerous. Things will get worse before they get better. Donna Gilio's March 17 letter "wake up people" is much too late. People should have been awakened long ago.

Yes, our freedom is gone. Stolen. It was done without the government firing a shot. All they had to do is use the famous word "terrorist." You'd be surprised how many will and have given up their freedom for untruths. It's called the New World Order and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Those in compliance with government, may find themselves in a concentration camp in the near future. There is no more "we, the people."

Those who wrote about the stimulus package are so correct. Again, with the falling economy many certainly can use the help. However, in the long run this not-so-free money comes with a high price. Therefore all you who are complaining about cutbacks in your jobs, be so grateful you still have one. We all have bills to pay. We all must eat. Many have families they must take care of.

The unemployed certainly look forward to any free money. Government likes it that way as they will have more control over people.


Carson City

Time for voters to

seek new elected officials

Since the elected officials have decided they are better qualified than the voters, they now will allow smoking almost anywhere.

Except where children are present. Really, adults and seniors don't count?

Secondhand smoke is dangerous and stinks. And nonsmokers are supposed to really enjoy this?

As a reformed smoker I know the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Maybe we should allow the assembly folks and senators to smoke in their meetings.

So folks, there is no reason for us to vote as the elected officials will just override the vote of the people. After all, most of the money to get them elected comes from the clubs and big business.

Wake up voters and let's get some new elected officials.


Carson City


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