The fishing report

East Walker: California and Nevada catch and release sections are fishing well, and the California side is very crowded, with the recent articles in five different magazines. Both sections are single, barbless hooks, no bait. One fish over 18 inches is allowed to be taken (though discouraged) on the California section.

East and West Carson Rivers: Open Saturday in California. Both rivers were stocked heavily by Alpine County with some very nice fish. The section below Hangman's bridge below Markleeville, to the Nevada border is catch and release, no bait. The river is in run-off mode, wading is not suggested. Flies to use are PTs, princes, goldenstones and copper johns, with some split shots put on about 12 inches above the first fly.

Twin lakes: Has a lot of fish ready and boats already are rented, it will be crowded for a few weeks, but fishing should be good all year there.

West Walker: The town of Walker has placed some beauties in the river. Though like the Carson's, the river is in run-off, start thinking like a fish and think about where you would go to hold your place in the river. Woolly buggers in olive or the yellow crystal will do well in the murky water, in the clearer sections go with a black bugger and perhaps a prince nymph drop.

PYRAMID LAKE: The fish came in. Any nymph with red: Snow cones, blood midges, red copper johns, mahalo on a dry line, strike indicator 6-8 inches down to the flies. Pyramid permits are available here at the shop. Pyramid is barbless, no bait and size restrictions are in effect.

Indian Creek Reservoir: Is doing better now that the aerator is in full swing and the heat has started the damsel to move. It was recently stocked with sub-catchable brown trout with will be a very pleasant surprise come this Fall.

- The fishing report is courtesy of The Angler's Edge. For more information call 782-4734.


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