Letters to the editor 4-24

Some won't be happy 'til

the whole country is paved

I support Eileen Cohen's recent article concerning wild horses. Another letter writer also had a good idea about the state teaming up with Mrs. Pickens and making the land a tourist attraction where people can camp and funds raised would help pay for the animals; but, no, they can't do that. Might hurt the ranchers' feelings, what few we have here.

I also feel ranchers shouldn't be on the board overseeing the horses. To the letter writer who gave the history lesson on wild horses, it doesn't matter how they got here. They've been breeding for hundreds of years and running wild. Ranchers, for many years, have thought they should have everything and are angry because they have to pay grazing fees.

You should talk to your commissioners and tell them "enough." Stop letting people build where the wildlife habitat is. You don't want the horses? Don't build where they are. The horses are more native than most of you.

You self-centered people won't be happy until the wildlife is gone and the whole country is paved in asphalt.



Barn door already closed

and all the horses gone

A tea party is fun, but to connect it with Obama and his future taxes is to close the barn door after the horse is gone.

The fact is, lowering taxes is a hoax politicians use to put borrowed money into the hands of people so they can spend more and increase their ability to go into debt. Since all of those trade treaties were signed by Clinton and Bush, spending for goods, including cars made in foreign countries, produced a trade deficit of $400 to $600 billion a year, while our government borrowed money to let the good times roll.

Reagan lowered taxes to light up his shining city on the hill. Herbert Walker Bush promised lower taxes but to his credit raised taxes. He paid the price for that. Clinton balanced the budget by letting our infrastructure rot and shifting mandates to the states. Under George Bush all hell broke loose. He lowered taxes, lied us into a war that cost a trillion dollars and created the Homeland Security and Patriot laws.

In the fall of 2008, the Bush house of cards collapsed putting Obama in the White House. Obama like Bush came up with a stimulus package. He wants a couple of trillion more for his grandiose plans to fix the world.

As to the tea party folks, let it be known that as alcoholics say "we have hit bottom." No man or party can save this country unless taxes and spending are brought into alignment. Get ready to tighten your belt.



Tax preparation program

processed 4,429 returns

Now that the tax season is over, I wanted to let you know that thanks to the many ads about the American Association of Retired Person's Tax-Aide free tax preparation service placed in the Nevada Appeal, we filed 4,429 tax returns this season.

This free service saved our taxpayers approximately $553,000 that they can better use to purchase goods and services in our local community.

On behalf of all the volunteers in the AARP Tax-Aide program in Northern Nevada, I would like to again thank you for continuing to support our free tax preparation program promoted in the Nevada Appeal.




Carson City

What's good for one

should be good for all

There is currently a bill before the Legislature that will alter previous actions and allow doctors to be sued for greater amounts than currently allowed.

This will cause doctors to either limit their practices or retire from their practices. It will definitely have an increase in the amount that they pay for their liability insurance.

The problem is that this bill (introduced by attorneys) does not also limit the amount that attorneys will be able to charge their clients. It seems to me that what is good for one should be good for all. If liability for doctors should increase in cost, then fees for attorneys should be decreased. The party who has been injured should enjoy the highest benefits.


Carson City


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