Carson City Past Pages 4-26

130 years ago

A few days since a rancher went to the Summit with seven little pigs, which he sold there. While making the transfer to the purchaser one of the squeelers dropped into the flume, the water of which was full of wood and running at a rapid rate. The interested parties gave up the pig to the flume, because it was likely crushed or drowned. But at Clear Creek, about two miles below that place, the flume keeper fished his porkship out of the damp, and he was alive and as well as before the bath.

110 years ago

(Continued from yesterday) When the days of prosperity waned Jennie got passe, so to speak, and most of her friends gave her the overlook. All the old skates and dilapidated wrecks of humanity who had known her in the old days drifted back whenever they were in trouble and found a sure haven in the "Capitol." Occasionally one got a bullet in his leg or a knife thrust under the ribs and were taken to Jennie's (continued tomorrow).

70 years ago

Plans for one of the largest Boy Scout summer camp seasons in the history of Nevada Area Council has been announced.

Attendance at the camp is expected to be about double of past years, 400, at Camp Fleischmann on Silver Lake.

50 years ago

A small, slightly built 50-year old convict became the first person to escape from the state prison here under warden Jack Fogliani when he walked away from the List Ranch. Russell Lattimer, an inmate since last December stole Frank List's car for his getaway.

20 Years Ago

After overwhelming testimony in defense of smokers, Assembly Taxation Chairman Bob Price said a bill to raise taxes on cigarettes for the drug war is doomed to failure.

10 Years Ago

Mother-daughter teams at the Carson City Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are doing something about the garbage bag. When State Child Protective Services takes children from homes because of abuse or endangerment, they're given a garbage bag to put belongings in, a sad note to already sad circumstances. The women of the church are sewing intricate cloth bags for children when they take belongings away.

- Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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