Developments on swine flu worldwide

Key developments on swine flu outbreaks:

"Deaths: 103, all in Mexico, 22 confirmed as swine flu and 81 suspected.

"Sickened: 1,614 in Mexico, suspected or confirmed. World Health Organization said 40 confirmed in U.S. Elsewhere, 6 confirmed in Canada; 13 suspected in New Zealand; 1 confirmed and 17 suspected in Spain; 1 suspected in France; 1 suspected in Israel.

"Locations in Mexico: 17 states, including Mexico City, Mexico State, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Baja California and San Luis Potosi. Some, including Oaxaca, Mexico City and Baja California, have tourist areas but authorities have not said where in these states the outbreaks occurred.

"Confirmed cases in U.S., according to CDC: 8 in New York, 7 in California, 2 in Kansas, 2 in Texas and 1 in Ohio.

"Safety measures in Mexico: In Mexico City, surgical masks given to subway passengers, public events canceled, schools and public venues closed and church services postponed. President Felipe Calderon assumed new powers to isolate infected people. World Bank loaning Mexico more than $200 million.

"Safety measures in U.S: Federal government declared public health emergency. Roughly 12 million doses of Tamiflu from federal stockpile to be delivered to states.

Travelers at border asked about travel to flu-stricken areas. School in New York City where eight cases are confirmed closed Monday and Tuesday. Fourteen schools in Texas, including school where two cases are confirmed, closed for at least next week. Some schools in Texas, California, South Carolina and Ohio close over possible student infections.

"Safety measures worldwide: Airports screen travelers from Mexico and United States. China, Russia, Taiwan and Bolivia to quarantine anyone with symptoms. Hong Kong and South Korea warn against travel to parts of Mexico. European Union health commissioner urges Europeans to postpone nonessential travel to U.S. and Mexico. Germany's largest tour operator suspends all charter flights to Mexico City.

"Economic effects: World stock markets fall as investors worry that outbreak could derail economic recovery, with airlines taking brunt of sell-off.


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