Letters to the Editor 4/28

Michael Reagan columns absolute breath of fresh air

Ever since the first of the year it seems I'm living in a world where some people and some of the media are clueless as to the strange transformation that's taking place in the world of politics. I find that what Ayn Rand wrote in her best-selling book "Atlas Shrugged" years ago is happening today.

Then I read the absolute breath of fresh air articles by Michael Reagan that you regularly run in your paper and I realized there is another voice out there in this great country of ours. Not just one opinion but the flipside. As Paul Harvey used to say, "the rest of the story."

Thank you for reflecting Michael Reagan's column in your paper.


Carson City

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship

Van and Donna Jensen spoke April 21 of the state senate voting to reverse the indoor smoking ban.

What the heck gives the local, state or even federal government the right to reverse a vote of the people? Nothing. Something voted on by the people is for the people and, clearly, it should stand the way the people want it.

If you, as a politician, or a member of the people don't like it, put it back on the ballot for a second vote. But, do not think that you as local, state or federal "government officials" have the right to just overturn the vote just because you're a "government official."

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. As part of our constitutional rights, we have freedom of speech, not freedom from speech; we have freedom of voting, not freedom from voting. And the same is true with all our other freedoms, it's freedom of, not freedom from.

Any politician trying to overturn a vote of the people, regardless of the means used, should be tried for treason. Changing any vote of the people, whether it be on a smoking ban or gay marriage, is socialistic dictatorship, not democracy.



The most important bill currently in the pipeline

Thank you very much to Congressman Dean Heller. He is a co-sponsor of HR1207, which will audit the Federal Reserve. We would be most appreciative if Congresswo-men Berkley and Titus would co-sign, too.

We feel so strongly about HR1207 because: In addition to our $11 trillion national debt, Congress, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve have put us on the hook for almost $10 trillion in bailouts and loans. Yet, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently flat out said, "No" to Congress when asked to name which financial institutions have received trillions of dollars in these loans from the Fed.

The Federal Reserve, the unelected central bank of the United States, refuses to fully disclose its operations and agreements to Congress, including details of its deals with foreign central banks and governments.

To end this secrecy and deliver answers to the American people, Congressman Ron Paul has introduced HR 1207, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. HR 1207 will: Require the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to perform a complete audit of the Fed by the end of 2010, reveal the details of agreements the Fed has made with foreign central banks and governments and show which banks and Wall Street firms have received our money from the Fed.

This is the most important bill currently in committee. Come election time, we will remember who supported it. We must audit the Fed.


Virginia City

Malpractice cap changes will chase doctors away

If the Legislature reverses the vote of the people and removes the cap on malpractice insurance damages, I believe some doctors will leave Nevada and others will not come here.

I have three excellent doctors who are treating my cancer. Two of them have been my doctors for more than 20 years.

The proposed change in this law will raise insurance rates for doctors that will cause a raise in doctors' fees and make the ambulance chasing attorneys happy.

The Legislature should abide by the votes of the people in this matter and quit trying to dictate. I urge everyone to remember all legislators who veto for this revision at election time and vote accordingly.


Carson City


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