Letters to the editor 4-29

Do not waste time, call your legislator now about indoor act

Are you as outraged as I am about the Legislature watering down the Clean Indoor Air Act? Do what I did. Call the legislative hot line (a real live person) at 684-6789 and tell them: "No to bringing back indoor smoke, no to Senate Bill 372." Every legislator will either read or hear your message. Do not waste time " do it now.



Rep. Dean Heller missed opportunity to help Carson City

But Heller didn't come back to the district to talk about a real missed opportunity for Carson City.

Heller sponsored H.R. 763, an amendment to the public lands bill, calling for thousands of acres of federal land to be granted to Carson City for public use.

Not only would this important amendment provide amazing opportunity for conservation, it also returned to Nevada a huge chunk of land from the Feds.

Heller was right to sponsor this amendment.

Then he missed his opportunity by voting against the public lands bill, not once, but twice.

Carson City lost its chance for green development, jobs and open space everyone could enjoy, from hikers to off-road bikers and everyone in between.

Heller missed the opportunity to help Carson City. It's no wonder he didn't talk about that when he came home.


executive director of Progress Now Nevada

Las Vegas

Smoking law changes

ignore will of the people

It is unfortunate that our elected officials such as "Secondhand Smoke Amodei" are not only discounting our votes but also have no concern for the health of the adults and the hard-working waitresses, cooks and bartenders who will be subjected to the very dangerous effects of secondhand smoke.

Most of us could care less what smokers do to themselves and most smokers are polite. But we voted the Clean Air Act in for a reason. To see the reckless disregard that our elected officials are showing will only make us work just as hard to vote them out as we did to vote the Clean Air Act in.


Carson City


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