Letters to the editor 12-2

Legislators exceeding

enumerated powers

The 2010 elections can't come fast enough to remove every liberal supporting this (health care) bill and others like it from Congress.

Any senator who votes in favor of the health care bill as it stands now, not only takes away our liberties and all Americans' fundamental freedom to choose, but more importantly, they will have violated their oath to the Constitution.

The House and Senate have already exceeded their enumerated powers, and by voting for health care reform and promoting a socialist agenda in America, an argument can be made showing them to be traitors to America and our Constitution.

The Democrats locked out the Republicans and changed the locks on the door to keep them out. One freshman Republican, who was coerced at the 11th hour, and voted for the bill, does not make it bipartisan in any sense of the word; that Republican made a career-killing mistake by voting for it. He will be gone the next time he steps up for re-election, as will most of the Democrats who voted to change our free county into a welfare state controlled by and for the government.

The Democrats in Congress need to wake up to their oaths of office and realize how horribly wrong their vision is for this country. Our Constitution and our liberties come first, not the government. Their vision of change and their exploitation of crisis and fear to leverage our republic into a socialist state will not be tolerated.

Every representative and senator voting for a bill such as this, that which removes the people's choice, is prima-facie proof of their dereliction of duty and of their obscure stewardship of our republic, our liberties and our very freedom.

Maggie Benz


Can't wait to vote them out

I have to agree with Mr. Nowosad and Mr. Deusenberry. Election 2010 can't come fast enough.

Socialism does not happen overnight, it's incremental, one liberty at a time.

Just remember, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." Thomas Jefferson.

Judith Wooley



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