Letters to the editor 12-4

Health care a privilege

for those who earn it

Good for you Dean Heller, and shame on you who shame him. He and his staff read and analyzed the health bill; his 'no' vote was a 'yes' vote for America. It is an encroachment upon our lives and every American will pay in numerous ways.

If you are without insurance, you will have no choice but to buy government insurance and there are fines and taxes for not having insurance. There is an increase of IRS power in our lives (Title III and IV). Employers will be fined and taxed for not providing health care (Title II) making the job situation much worse.

If it does pass, the government will probably do what they did with the Federal Reserve System, continue to change it in committee until it is exactly as they had it in the beginning plus more, because once it is passed, they can do anything to any bill without voting.

Dean also co-sponsored legislation for the representatives in Congress to get the same health care as their constituents. They don't want it. Now that says something.

To those who think health care is the right of every citizen - prove it. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution of the United States that lists health care as a right. Health care is a privilege given as a benefit for working. Absolutely no one has the right to demand or expect health care from the government, but should have the freedom to work or pay or go without it.

JoyceGale Ramos

Carson City

Beware of fraudulent online job offers

To all, I just wanted to let everyone out there who might be thinking of trying these online jobs know that they are frauds. My wife and I have fallen on hard times. I have been out of work for a while and she has been a stay-home mom for a few years, and it's been hard for us to get jobs.

She went to this Web site and saw something that looked promising, a job posting Web site links for Google, so she started to sign up for it, and lo and behold, it required some money up front to send her her paychecks.

Then, the next time she logged on to finish signing up for the job, they needed more money to send her "over-the-Internet" material. At this point, I told her to wait until I got some money to cover it. That was on the 16th of November. On the 18th, they hit my account for $68.43. My wife and I spent hours on the phone with this company to get my money back, and today, when I went to check on my account, they had hit me again for $68.43, which again, we spent hours trying to get reversed.

This time, I brought my bank into this to file charges of fraud against them. Please beware of the company called Worldwide Web Training.

Michael Pulsipher


Teachers union is problem, not solution

Three cheers for the Chuck Muth commentary on the opinion page of the Nov. 27 Nevada Appeal. I believe the note says exactly what I would want to say.

The last paragraph says it all: "...more and more parents are finally starting to see that the teachers union is the cause of our education problems, not the solution."

David Sheppard

Carson City


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