Bully's files for bankruptcy

The owner of Bully's Sports Bar & Grill said he filed for bankruptcy protection on Friday as a result of a sour economy and the 2007 indoor smoking ban.

Paul Sonner opened his location in Carson City in 2000, which he said is one of the three top performing locations out of the 13 he owns throughout Northern Nevada.

He said he is not planning on laying off any of his 300 employees or closing any of his stores.

"The economy has been what the economy has been," Sonner said. "It's not like it's a surprise, every other company is doing it. We're trying to position ourselves so 2010 is our best year."

Sonner responded to the 2007 smoking ban on bars that serve food by launching several "Smokin' Bully's" establishments near other Bully's stores where smokers could order food and have it delivered.

But he said as soon as he embarked on that expensive endeavor, the recession set in.

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