Letters to the Editor 12/10

The mask falls away from Sen. Reid

Sen. Harry Reid's fall from political grace began with the end of artifice.

Reid has always hidden his self-dealing ambitions by proclaiming his modest upbringing, like a Klingon cloaking device. But as majority leader, Reid needed to get his hard left constituency on board to get things done. Reid turned his back forever on moderation with his April 2007 declaration that America had lost in Iraq.

Nevada voters suspended disbelief when their "humble" senator financed Dynasty Las Vegas, populated by his grasping children, on a public servant's salary. Now he's greasing a complex, coercive socialized medicine bill through Congress, with jail time for resisters. Even the Democrats are wondering - if it's such a great deal, why did Reid have to bribe Sen. Landrieu (D-La.) $100 million for her vote just to get a hearing?

The bill's many penalties and taxes erase any pretension that this is about improving health care.

Recently, Reid was on Fox TV shouldering past a news crew. They wanted to interview Searchlight Harry, but they accidentally confronted Boss Reid (D, D.C.), who is too important to do uncontrolled interviews or town halls, where he might have to answer real questions.

Lynn Muzzy


Dogs don't belong in church

I was steamed when I read about a Los Angeles church allowing dogs.

Is nothing sacred? Do dogs have to be included in absolutely everything?

This just goes to show how desperate churches are becoming. When the word of God isn't enough to draw people in, the pastor must be doing something wrong.

Toby Carruthers

Carson City


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