Carson girls hoop squad receives check for $6,000 from October fund-raiser

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Christmas came a little early for the Carson High girls basketball team.

The Senators received a check for $6,000 Wednesday afternoon from Dick Campagni's Capital Ford general manager Tim Milligan, a result of their Drive-One-4-Ur-School fund-raiser held in late October.

The unique fundraiser paid Carson High's team $20 for every test ride taken that day with a max of 300 test drives. Carson's event actually attracted 310 test drivers, according to Carson High coach Todd Ackerman.

"We approached the schools," said Milligan. "The Ford Motor Company has a limited amount of these (fundraisers) nationally. We were able to get one for our school. It was the first one here. I really didn't know what to expect. I'm trying to line up another one for the baseball program in February.

"As a community anchor, we look for ways to help whenever we can. Our goal was to get 300 test drivers. If in fact it resulted in some sales, that's a bonus. I know we sold some cars as a result, but we really didn't track that. The neat thing about this is potentially you have a chance to make up to $6,000 in one day."

In these tough economic times when sports funding isn't as plentiful as it was five or 10 years ago, Ackerman said the money will definitely come in handy.

"We'll use the money for different things," Ackerman said. "We'll use it for some travel; probably use it to pay for rental cars when we go to Las Vegas (later this month). We bought new team bags because the other ones were worn out."

There was also a random drawing for prizes. Stephen Woodbury, Dan Wyatt, Vinica Sulezich and Charise Whitt, all of Carson City, were the winners.


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