Letters to the Editor 12/11

Kids Talking Wall sends message of peace

The Carson Mall has donated an entire wall to communicating with the children in our community. It's called the Kids' Talking Wall, a Partnership Carson City effort, affiliated with community service groups, and organizations contributing to the quality of life in Carson City.

The escalating violence in the world is transmitted to our children at many levels, from victim, to witness, to indirect media assault. The Kids' Talking Wall at the Carson Mall sends a continuous shout-out for peace, in our home, community and the world.

Harmony, peace and freedom will become uninterrupted subjects and themes for caring expression at the "Peace Corner" of the Kids' Talking Wall.

The quote from Mahatma Gandhi plainly states the philosophy of the Kids' Talking Wall, regarding the responsibility of a community to introduce its children to the concept of seeking peaceful solutions and relationships: "If we are to reach real peace in this world... we shall have to begin with children."

To help end the cycle of violence in our homes and community, we must, as adults, parents and teachers, learn to become peaceful and nonviolent ourselves.

The Kids' Talking Wall is simply an effort to find ways to communicate, and challenge ourselves to listen and learn about the role each of us plays in making our community work.

Carole Thompson

Carson City

State employees bearing unfair burden

When did our state financial crisis become only a Nevada state employee problem?

I am a proud state worker and I am thankful to have a job in these dire financial times. Although I don't make a tremendous amount of money and am facing monumental personal problems, I am more than willing, as my co-workers are, to do my fair share.

But now our governor is suggesting a second unpaid day and possible pay cuts even though our workload has increased. The governor needs to re-think the promise not to raise taxes. Face the reality of today, governor. Things and times are not the same as when you were running for office. We all understand that there are some departments within the state who cannot allow furlough days (protection, prisons, unemployment services). Well and good, but isn't it time for all of Nevada residents to shoulder the burden?

Believe it or not, there are people in Nevada who still are holding good jobs with high wages and still are buying the large-ticket items that if a slightly higher tax across the state were applied, would help to fill the coffers. Come on, elected state officials, be fair to all of Nevada to get us through this.

Barbara Adams


Will health care critic forgo government Medicare?

I am attempting to understand Ms. JoyceGale Ramos' letter, "Health care a privilege for those who earn it" published in the Dec. 4 Nevada Appeal. Ms. Ramos states, "Health care is a privilege given as a benefit for working. Absolutely no one has the right to demand or expect health care from the government, but should have the freedom to work or pay or go without."

Ms. Ramos is flatly stating that a newborn child should not have health care. Because he is not working. Alas, this also would include all non-working schoolchildren.

I also am assuming that Ms. Ramos will refuse Medicare because it is government-provided. And I guess all the military members and all Indian tribes should refuse government-provided health care even if there is no alternative non-government offering.

Persons without health care will probably be buried at my expense as a taxpayer. I would rather they had been paying into a government-sponsored health care plan and not be buried at my expense.

Michael L. Greedy

Carson City


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