StoryBox Project postponed

The StoryBox Project scheduled for today at Stewart Indian School has been postponed due to threat of bad weather.

It will be held from 1:30-5 p.m. next Saturday, Dec. 19 at McKinley Arts and Culture Center in Reno, 925 Riverside Drive.

The project is an effort to collect and send stories around the world.

Wishelle Banks, a Reno-based writer, is scheduled to be joined at the event by Ben Aleck, collections manager and Pyramid Lake Paiute tribal historian, and Ralph Burns, Paiute language specialist, both from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Museum and Visitors Center, and by Christina Thomas, a Paiute-Shoshone and Hopi traditional drummer and singer, who will each tell their story before placing it in a box that is traveling around the country as part of the project.

For more information, call Jeanne Harrah Johnson, 775-224-5151.


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