Letters to the editor 12-13

What has Sen. Ensign

done lately for state?

In the honorable spirit of fair and objective information in the Nevada Appeal, shouldn't your readers see poll numbers on work performance, et al, by John Ensign just as often as for Sen. Harry Reid?

The citizens in this state are struggling with survival of jobs, health care and a roof over their heads. What has Sen. John Ensign done lately for the people of this state?

Nevada Appeal readers need balanced coverage so we can decide for ourselves who is showing up to put in the honest, hard work it takes to represent them on a daily basis.

Jane C. Staehli

Carson City

Drug testing policy

contributed to success

At the beginning of this school year, Carson High School instituted a drug and alcohol testing policy. The implementation of this policy coincided with state championships by both the boys and girls cross country teams and a Sierra League championship by the previously underachieving football team ... coincidence?

The Senators, who had won three games the previous season, tied the school record for wins this year with nine. The success of both programs can be attributed in part to the drug testing policy and how it allowed the athletes to focus solely on their sport. Peer pressure in high school to experiment with drugs and alcohol is prevalent across the United States, and the drug testing policy provided the athletes with an opportunity to say no.

The athletes coming up through the middle school programs and the underclassmen in the high school would do well to follow the outstanding example set by these two fall sport programs. Expect continued success by the Carson High School athletic programs in the coming seasons.

Tyler Collins

Carson City

Clear sidewalks for

city's school children

Our recent snowfall, the biggest since January 2005, has left our sidewalks deep in snow. Many people have cleared their sidewalks already, and those who did so Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning, and had direct sunlight on Tuesday, have clear and dry sidewalks.

Many students walk to school in the snow, some because they chose to, and others because their families have no other transportation options. An uncleared sidewalk is a great hazard to these students, whether they are walking on the snow or are forced into the street.

On behalf of all students in Carson City, I'd like to thank those homeowners, apartment managers and business owners who promptly clear their sidewalks after a storm. Whether on their way to school or the bus stop, these students will be safer because of your effort.

It may be that the city's snow removal policy, which accepts that sidewalks will be blocked, has not changed, but in actual practice, the city's snowplow drivers have been much more careful about not throwing snow onto sidewalks this time around.

Drivers, please keep in mind that children and adults will be forced into walking on the edges of the streets until sidewalks are cleared or melt off. Please slow down and give them a wide berth - they are our most vulnerable users and are doing the best they can getting where they need to go.

Dan Allison

Safe Routes to School Coordinator

Carson City

Mixed martial arts

deserve coverage

I would like to see more articles in your sports section about mixed martial arts, such as standings, up-and-coming fights, so forth and so on. It is the quickest growing sport in the world and it's quickly becoming the most popular televised and attended sport today.

I personally think if you added a mixed martial arts section, then more people would definitely read. It would also be a good way to advertise and sell more papers.

Zack Spence

Carson City

Progressive spirit

alive and well in city

It was invigorating to read the Appeal on Sunday, Dec. 6, and find in it so much evidence of a progressive and positive spirit being alive and well here in Carson City.

In particular, I am excited about the proposal for developing the downtown that would bring together a library with a business incubator focused on technology and innovation - score! We are so fortunate that the Adams foundation is willing to contribute major monetary resources to this endeavor; we should not let this opportunity pass us by.

Carson City is a beautiful place to live; we need to create some assets that will attract people for whom knowledge, intellectual property and innovation are magnets. Kudos to the Office of Business Development for bringing this chance to us.

Also, the "Talking Wall" project of Partnership Carson City is amazing. How wonderful that children of our community have a place where their emotions and creativity can be expressed through many forms of art. Much appreciation to all of the community leaders who have made this happen and to the Carson Mall for its generous contribution of wall space.

In a time when so many are suffering and a negative pall can easily cover us all, brave, bold and creative steps are called for. I'm glad they are being taken in my town.

Sarah Adler

Carson City


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