Letters to the editor 12-17

Ice rink is a big hit with this Carson City teen

Thanks everyone who was involved in continuing the Arlington Square Ice Rink this year. In the past, there haven't been many places in Carson for kid and teen entertainment. Now with the ice skating rink, there is a place for everyone to go that is fairly inexpensive and extremely fun at the same time.

As a teenager in Carson, I love having a place where we can gather to have fun. Last winter I had the pleasure of attending the ice rink several times, and I absolutely loved it. Not only is the rink a place where friends can get together, but it is also a place that the whole family can enjoy.

It is so nice to have a place like that in Carson. I hope we can continue to keep bringing back the rink every year.

Ashley Saarem

Carson City

Fun, family activities

a refreshing addition

Kudos to Carson City for sponsoring and promoting year-round downtown Carson City events. My family very much enjoyed the Arlington Square Ice Rink the day after Thanksgiving. What a healthy and festive way to get in the holiday spirit!

Many thanks for supporting and sponsoring the various local Nutcracker performances in Carson City. It's refreshing to find affordable and fun family activities and culture in Carson City, especially during the cold winter months.

Mindy Breeding

Carson City

Honesty is the best

policy for Sen. Reid

I believe all the citizens of Nevada should be so proud of our Sen. Harry Reid. He has stooped so low now that he has to resort to bribing Sen. Landrieu to get her vote for the health care bill.

Webster's Dictionary defines bribery as something stolen, i.e., the act of taking a bribe. It would be one thing if he used his money for the bribe, but he used mine and yours. Is this what our senator has to resort to?

Washington needs to be rid of the corrupt politicians. I personally don't want him representing me if he can't operate honest and above board.

Gayle Maine

Carson City

Good wishes sent

to columnist Farmer

I'd like to wish a speedy recovery and good health to Guy Farmer. I have a friend who underwent Proton treatments at Loma Linda Medical Center about 10 years ago. He's 89 years old and cancer free.

I really enjoy Mr. Farmer's commentary. He's a straight-forward columnist, on point about current issues.

Irene Roth


Yucca best place

for nuclear storage

Sen. Harry Reid is an absolute embarrassment for Nevada. His loyalty is to our community-organizer president, not to Nevada.

I am a transplant to Nevada 49 years ago, but I am also an American. What better place in the whole world to store nuclear waste than a dry mountain 90 miles from a population base on a nuclear test site. Nuclear waste from submarines, aircraft carriers, medical labs and electric generators should all be in one place. Reid and the others should be telling Nevadans the truth about the merits of Yucca Mountain.

Nevada made the headlines of the Wall Street Journal with its mortgage problems, yet Reid and Obama cost Nevada over 500 jobs by closing Yucca Mountain. Nevada could lead the nation in nuclear research with a storehouse of radioactive materials safely stored under a dry mountain.

Julian C. Smith, Jr.

Carson City

Time to approve

the health reform bill

In 1941, President Roosevelt declared the four freedoms: Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear.

Everybody loves freedoms, but everybody should know the rules that everybody's freedoms cannot interfere with another's (freedoms). The government must make laws to prevent the conflicts.

America is a free country, but America also is a country of laws, because freedoms without laws would create a society of exploitation.

The health insurance companies have become monopolists. They keep raising the premiums, but cutting the services. They can rescind insurance policies when the insured urgently need health care. They can deny people for any reason.

They say these are their freedoms, but how about the others' freedoms - the freedom from want and the freedom from fear?

It is time for our elected lawmakers to pass the reform bill. Let all the people have the freedom to make their choices - it is the only way to break the monopoly. And it is the only way we can make a better life for all Americans.

Bill Hui

Carson City


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