The Volunteer Connection

This continues our regular Sunday column of volunteer opportunities available through the Nevada Rural Counties RSVP program. We hope you will find something you would like to do that will help these wonderful agencies and the people they serve. Good Luck.

1. Western Nevada College is seeking volunteers to assist with the following positions: Interactive Video Facilitator, Computer Technician, Teacher's Aide, Student Course Evaluations Survey Proctor, CCSSE Survey Administrator, Observatory Support Personnel, Work Study (Computing Services), Help in Print Shop, Student Course Evaluation Survey Coordinator, Assist Administrative Staff with Office Duties, Assistant Recycling Coordinator, Assistive Technology Technician, Note Taker, Environmental Health and Safety Assistant, Information Desk Attendant, Student Recruitment Specialist (Part-Time), Assistant with "Don't Wait, Graduate" Program, and a Clerical Assistant

2. ComputerCorps needs help with rebuilding and testing computers (restores used computers for students, etc), and a Front Office Assistant.

3. Bordewich-Bray Elementary School needs classroom volunteers.

4. RSVP needs drivers to transport seniors that can no longer drive, handyman services, and Lifeline installers (Lifeline is an emergency response system). (RSVP furnishes the van for transportation).

For more information relative to these exciting volunteer opportunities please call LoRee at 687-4680 ext. 6. Remember RSVP can pay out-of-pocket expenses (mileage) and carries insurance for you while on the job. Volunteering is a great experience for everyone, and you can make your own days and hours to donate to one of these worthwhile programs. Any help is appreciated by them.


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