Health Tip: Holiday stress

December is a hectic month. Holiday parties, seasonal plays and shopping coupled with your daily commitments yield full schedules and stress. Stay sane by taking a moment to savor the season, says Body & Soul Magazine. Instead of reflecting on the festivities, indulge in the present experience. Here are a few tips:

• Take a deep breath, slow down and pause. Wiggle your toes, loosen your jaw and relax your shoulders.

• Really take in what's going on around you. Simply observe and bask in the moment.

• Just go with it. Whatever happens (burnt casserole, mismatched placemats), find the humor and work around it.

• Soften your focus. Don't let details consume you (What gift wrap should I use? Will they love my quiche?). What people remember most are the laughs, the kind words and the excited expressions of those opening gifts.

• Awaken your sense of taste and smell. Don't stuff yourself. It's easy to quell hunger. Experience the food as a sensual pleasure -savor it.

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