Letters to the editor 12-25

This Christmas, reach out with love to all

The year 2009 has been a year of survival due to the economic collapse. People have been painfully aware of the limits of their talents and ability to survive adverse circumstances, and yet they must go with what they have in a competitive world, doing their best to meet all challenges.

It is a time or reflection about the birth of the Christ child. This event changed the world, gave men hope of salvation and commandments to guide their way of living.

It is the season to wrap the family in a blanket of love by telling each how much they are loved and appreciated, and that together you will survive anything. The wife needs to hear she is special, much-loved and that with her at your side, all things are possible.

It is time to reach out to the less fortunate, caring and sharing with an understanding of their needs. In these times, caring and sharing might be reduced to giving gently worn clothes and shoes that the children have outgrown to some charitable organization from which someone will derive a benefit.

Whatever you can give, even if it be a smile or warm greeting, it keeps the Christmas spirit alive.

James McMullen

Carson City

Organization assists

special needs children

A rare happening: I am writing this to say thank you to a wonderful organization called AMBUCS. To these total strangers I want to tell everyone involved how wonderful you all are. You have put huge smiles on the faces of a lot of children with special needs by your generosity.

My grandson, Bradley Pine, who has cerebral palsy, either had to sit in his wheelchair or on a blanket on the ground. He can now ride a trike that was given to him by AMBUCS. He can now go outside and not have to be in a wheelchair. You have made him very happy.

I have recently found out that these trikes cost approximately $500 each. The only thing we were asked to do is to "pay it forward" or donate our child's trike to another needy special needs child when our child outgrew his.

We do not have an AMBUCS here in Nevada, but it would be nice if we could get one started and possibly help many more disabled children. If you would be interested or know of anyone who would be, please contact Children in Motion at 324-5371.

Debbie Tygart

Carson City


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