Letters to the Editor 12/24

WNC car thief deserves coal in his stocking

Merry Christmas to Mr. Anderson: Not only did you steal from the college and the community, but also the students working on that car and WNC, which spent money on it to fix it up. And to say you did it to get even with WNC. What a pitiful excuse.

You were not the only teacher to be asked for early retirement. At least you have your retirement. What about the teachers who were laid off due to our economic crisis? What do they have - no income? You were very lucky to get off with what you did - jail instead of prison time (1 day, time served in jail), and a $1,000 fine.

It's people like you who give Carson City a black eye. I've been here for 44 years and I love this city. Like I said, Merry Christmas.

Brad McCleary

Carson City

Eugene Paslov's column causes shock

I have seen numerous criticisms of Dr. Paslov's articles. Granted he has a very limited perspective, so there is no significant depth to his writings. They are either laughable or idiotic. Let's see; he hates Tea Party participants, and fiscal conservatives. He dislikes Republicans.

He loves spending other people's money (just like Sen. Reid) and believes they should cheerfully pour their hard-earned assets into the public trough so he and others who drink at the public expense will get even more.

Imagine my laughter one morning when I read Paslov's column and learned that the old verbal flamethrower was suddenly advocating civility in political discourse. Remember he is of the party of characters like Kerry, Carville and Reid. This is akin to Genghis Khan giving a lecture on manners to Emily Post - hysterical.

I must concede that this morning, I was shocked, but elated, to learn that Dr. Paslov essentially agreed that the public school system into which we have poured uncountable sums has been a failure. There is no question that we have led the world in money spent per pupil for ever-diminishing results.

By inference, he indicated that the public schools lacked high standards, high expectations, skilled teachers, involved parents and students who do not drop out. The evidence demonstrates he is right. Spending more money will not fix it.

Sam Batdorf


Lack of health care cause for concern

I am concerned about the lack of health care for the citizens of Nevada. Just because they don't have children doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to get the health care they need.

My brother fell 100 feet from a tree a couple of years ago, and is now going blind in one eye, making it hard to walk due to poor sight and balance. He often falls while walking. I have taken him to a specialist and they have said he needs surgery to see if they can save his eye. But because he doesn't have children at home, he isn't able to get Medicaid until his supplemental security income is OK'd.

It is in appeals now, but the surgery needs to be done as soon as possible. Why isn't there help for an American citizen, just because he doesn't have kids at home? He has served his country, he has paid his child support, and now he needs surgery to save his sight. What country is this? We give medical attention to people who have no visas and don't give medical attention to those who are in need of it and who are citizens.

I think that it is a shame that we don't take care of our own first. Isn't that what our troops fight for every day? My brother has done his time in the service, now he needs help from us, and they tell him no.

Tonja Shegruds

Carson City

Relocating terrorists to U.S. a bad idea

Moving the suspected terrorists to Illinois is a horrible idea. Why move terrorists into our own country? Having them here is even easier for them to attack us. If one manages to escape from the prison, he does not have to find a way into the country. He is stuck here with the airport security so tight these days.

I believe President Obama is making a wrong choice to move them to this prison in this rural area. I suggest that it be a prison in the middle of a desert or make the prison cells in Guantanamo Bay more human friendly. I believe it is a bad idea to put the people we are fighting a war with in our own country.

Anthony Winder



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