Minden works out water deal

Agreements that may make Minden a water provider for Carson City and beyond came under scrutiny this week.

Minden Town Board members worked on the agreements for three hours Tuesday as county commissioners Greg Lynn and Dave Brady, Douglas County Manager T. Michael Brown, Douglas County Director of Public Works Carl Ruschmeyer and Carson City Public Works Director Andy Burnham watched from the audience.

The agreements are critical to construction of a $21 million pipeline between Minden and Carson City that will serve Indian Hills residents along the way.

The specific agreements are between Minden and Douglas County to provide wholesale water service, Minden and Carson City for purchase of water rights and Minden and Indian Hills for water service. Minden attorney George Keele described the agreements as interlocking.

"None go through unless all are approved," he said.

Minden engineer Bruce Scott said the agreements will allow Minden to help solve water problems in Indian Hills and Carson City, and could end up serving places as far as Silver Springs.

Transporting the water will require the construction of a pipeline between Minden and Carson City. Supplying the water will require the construction of booster pumps, water tanks and wells.

Scott said Carson City is proposing to purchase $10 million in water rights from the town.

The water system will provide a means for emergency water supplies throughout Western Nevada.

Burnham estimated that Carson City will have to pay $32 million for its portion of the pipeline, the infrastructure to connect in the capital and the water.

Indian Hills is expected to pay up to $4.5 million to connect to the new pipeline and for its portion of the pipeline north.

Douglas County is paying $3.2 million for the pipeline, and will be the broker for water that passes through it.

Between water rights and improvements needed to supply water, Minden has $20 million in the project.

"We're just in the wholesale business," Hadfield said. "It's important residents of the town know the substantial commitment that's been made on their behalf."

Minden Town Board members are expected to discuss approving the agreements at their regular town board meeting on Jan. 6.


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