Forest, rock spires and cool breezes along Clear Creek Road, west of Carson

Submitted PhotoA pair of walkers enjoy the forest scenery and sounds along Clear Creek Road.

Submitted PhotoA pair of walkers enjoy the forest scenery and sounds along Clear Creek Road.

Clear Creek - Clear Creek runs along Old Clear Creek Road which was the original Highway 50.

The full length from, Highway 395 until it meets new Highway 50 near Spooner Summit, is probably between six and eight miles, with a total gain of about 1,800 feet. So we'll tackle this in sections.

It's my understanding that when the current Highway 50 was built, the state/county/city deeded the road to those who live on it, and it is now a private road.

But I have been informed, by reliable sources, that the road continues to have a use easement, which I believe means that you can walk on it but by all means be respectful of those who live there. All property on either side of the road is private, so never climb down to the creek or take short cuts, etc.

So now that we have the business out of the way, where to start. In an earlier piece I discussed the first section of this road from Highway 395 up to the parking area by the rock spires, about a mile and half up the road.

Park in this area and then start your climb up the road. Be very watchful as the residents do have a tendency to whip along pretty fast.

As you climb, the flora will change to stunted pines and you will soon notice the sound of the creek to the left of the road. You'll probably never actually see the creek because of the brush growing in and along it, but the sound is a pleasant accompaniment to your walk.

The road climbs steadily and is very winding. From this point on, it's easy to forget just how close you are to the city. That's one of the wonderful things about this area, you don't have to walk too far before you feel like you're far from civilization.

You'll soon find yourself in pine forests with that wonderful scent and the sound of the wind in the trees.

Eventually, you will come to the gates of the new development that is planned for this area. If you've ever wondered, this is where that new exit from Highway 50 goes to. With the stall in the economy, there doesn't seem to be much happening right now.

If you're up for it you can keep on climbing up the road or, if like us, you're into short walks turn around and head back down. The rest of the road will be there to discover another time.

If you are interested in joining some of our walks, please feel free to contact me.

• Donna Inversin is walk leader for Muscle-Powered ( and co-chairwoman for special events for We Can. She can be reached at 775-315-6763


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