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Demonstrations about policies, not about someone's DNA

I would think that any true believer in our system of government would celebrate and applaud the many and well-attended "Tea Parties" that spanned this country in mid-April.

What better demonstration of the wonderful freedoms we still possess than thousands of hard-working, tax-paying American citizens voicing their disapproval of what they view as reckless and irresponsible government spending. Rather than engage in an honorable and honest debate about this important issue, a recent Nevada Appeal commentator simply reduced these citizens to ignorant, malcontent, hate-filled racists.

Rather than offering substantive comment on the differing views of higher taxes and bigger government, Dr. Eugene Paslov insulted and maligned his fellow citizens. His view, similar to the views expressed by "comedian" Janeane Garofalo in a recent interview with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, is that these gatherings really and truly took place just because all of the red neck demonstrators hate having a black man in the White House. Huh?

May we have little honesty and respect here, please? The protests were not about President Obama's DNA, they were about his policies.


Carson City

Educate not dictate;

otherwise, get out of education

I personally take exception to the May 9 commentary by Dr. Eugene Paslov. First, the Tea Party demonstration consisted of people of all political party backgrounds. These are people who are fed up with the Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Obama path to socialism.

It was not a demonstration that was organized by Fox News; they chose to cover it because it was newsworthy where the other networks chose to write it off as a bunch of Republican Obama haters. Well, Dr. Paslov, I'm a registered Democrat and I was part of that Tea Party and very proud to be there.

It is the first step of this century where "We the People" are going to stand up and be heard and not suppressed by a bunch of left wing bleeding heart liberals who are on a path to drive our children and my grandchildren into a debt that they will never be able to pay off.

You, Dr. Paslov, are a prime example of the problem which is present in today's school systems. Your liberal beliefs have been passed on to students. That is not education. Education is where students get both sides of the political spectrum and not just your side. It is then up to the student to make the choice of which path they want to follow.

Educate not dictate, if you cannot do that, find another job but get out of education.  




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