Burglar suspect busted after eating from fridge

An intoxicated man who was allegedly helping himself to the contents of a woman's refrigerator was arrested Thursday night as the frightened homeowner called police from beneath a desk.

Isidro Rivera-Leon, 52, was booked into the Carson City Jail on suspicion of felony burglary, home invasion and misdemeanor contempt of court.

According to the arrest report, a woman in the 1900 block of Long Street reported she was asleep about 6 p.m. when her cat began to act funny and her dog barked.

When she walked out into her darkened living room, she noticed a bottle of hot sauce on the floor and the shadow of a man standing in her kitchen.

The woman said she yelled at the suspect, then grabbed her cell phone and called for help.

About six officers responded to the home where the hysterical woman told police the man was in her laundry room.

Officers took down Rivera-Leon and cuffed him. He sustained a bloody nose, the report states.

The woman was found "hiding under her computer desk in the living room with her cell phone, shaking and crying," the report states. "(She) said she was so happy to see the deputies once they arrived."

The report states a backpack and hat belonging to Rivera-Leon were allegedly found in the living room, and about $14 in food items, taken from the refrigerator, were found in his pockets.

It's believed he entered through an unlocked front door, according to the report.

Rivera-Leon is being held on $25,500 bail.


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