Letters to the editor 11-15

Write those who abstained on Fort Hood vote

Immediately after passage of the health care bill by the U.S. House of Representatives, a resolution honoring the soldiers and civilians who were killed or injured by a gunman Nov. 5 at Fort Hood, Texas, was presented.

All but seven of the 435 representatives voted for the motion. The seven who abstained were Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio), Rep. John Linder (R-Georgia), Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), Rep. Norman Dicks (D-Wash.), Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), Rep. James Marshall (D-Georgia) and Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.).

I have written to each asking why they did not support the motion. If you support our military men and women as they preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, please write to all seven representatives.

Jim Crowley

Carson City

A few choice questions

for the governor

In regard to Chuck Muth's column of Nov. 6, "How Gov. Gibbons can get his groove back," Mr. Muth listed three items Gov. Gibbons should do to increase his chances of winning the GOP primary next June.

In addition, Gov. Gibbons should also answer the following four questions to determine which direction his "groove" will take:

4) Is Gov. Gibbons going to continue to treat his wife in the same abominable manner that he currently treats her?

5) Is Gov. Gibbons going to continue to keep the revolving "bimbo" door at the Governor's Mansion? Not to mention the time texting, etc. when he should be minding the store.

6) Gov. Gibbons' reaction to the accusation/filing of a lawsuit by Chrissy Mazzeo was "I'm a happily married man!" Does he continue to wish to use this statement as his defense against her lawsuit?

7) Gov. Gibbons fired Mary Keating because he thought she was the one who leaked the information that Gov. Gibbons was spending an inordinate amount of state time on a state cell phone texting a female friend. As a result, Ms. Keating filed a wrongful termination lawsuit. Ms. Keating was recently hired by the Controllers' Office for a very responsible job. Does Gov. Gibbons still feel Ms. Keating is unworthy of state service?

Nice going, Chuck, but no cigar. Not even close.

Carole Tripp


Eagle monument now honors war vets

The Korean War Veterans Association Chapter 305, Carson City, has completed the Korean War Monument. The monument was dedicated May 16, 2009. At the time of the dedication, the monument was not completed. It had a brick pedestal at the center listing the names of 34 Nevadans killed in action and a stone sculpture of a traditional Korean house. The stone for the house was quarried in South Korea and sculpted in Seoul, South Korea.

Since then, we have installed a bronze sculpture of an American bald eagle on the brick pedestal. The eagle is magnificent and stands about 5 feet tall. The memorial pays homage to all veterans of the Korean War. The Nevada Korean War Memorial Park is at the east end of Fifth Street in Carson City.

Ed Reilly, Secretary

Korean War Veterans Asso., Chapter 305

Carson City

Amazing chronic fatigue research at UNR institute

Wow! In 2006 I had the honor of having my article, "New Hope for Patients with Chronic Fatigue," published in the April 24 edition of Nurseweek. I discussed the hope that the Whittemore Peterson Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno, would bring credible researched answers to this debilitating condition.

CFS affects up to 4 million Americans, according to studies done by the CDC.

In 2006, I had no idea how much this institute and its dedicated research team would impact the course of CFS and many other diseases such as fibromyalgia and some forms of autism and cancer. The substantial findings of Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, Vincent C. Lombardi and many other wonderful people may be read in the Sciencexpress, www.sciencexpress.org.

This research finding is more than I ever imagined possible in my lifetime. Much research and work remains to determine the role of the XMRV retrovirus in CFS and other conditions, but promising and compelling information that offers new hope has now been scientifically produced. I want to extend my gratitude to the Whittemore family and everyone involved. Thank you. I cannot express what this research has meant to me.

Pamela French, RN

Carson City

Farmer got it right on VP Joe Biden's plan

Guy Farmer's column touting the Biden option for drawing down our troops in Afghanistan and concentrating on anti-terrorism rather than nation-building in a lawless territory that is anything but a nascent nation is the only rational course for America.

There can be no further justification for the loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of American soldiers in a region where the majority of the population sees us as infidels, invaders and occupiers, and the sitting government rules only by corruption and strong-arming its political opposition.

We do not need and cannot tolerate years more of this tragedy in the making.

Walter C. Long

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Former Carson City resident

Defend your right to safe, legal abortion

As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who had two illegal abortions as a very young wife, working to support a tubercular mother and a 12-year-old brother, I know illegal abortions are butchery.

It took years and years of struggle and personal danger of physical harm to get the legal right for an abortion. No man will ever become pregnant. No man or woman has the right to determine what any American female should or should not do about her pregnancy.

The reason our Declaration of Independence excludes all religious matters is because they are every citizen's personal and inviolate right to express.

This planet is already experiencing a population problem, and this economy has its own dilemma.

It's time for American women to pick up the stick and defend their rights and prerogatives against the abusive, self-righteous anti-abortionists.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City


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