Locals BBQ sets up collection for used turkey fryer oil

Do you love the taste of crispy, delicious fried turkey, but don't know what to do with all that used oil after it's done?

Locals BBQ & Grill, 3849 S. Carson St., Carson City, has arranged for Bently Bio-Fuels to park a 300 gallon oil dumpster at Locals from Nov. 26 tol Dec. 4 for people to dispose of the used cooking oil.

Locals owner Ralph Swagler said he hates to think of all that used cooking oil after Thanksgiving being poured down the drain, so he started this program to S.O.S -- save our sewers.

Either pour the oil back into its original carton, and Locals will dispose of it as well, or pour the oil into a bucket to transport it. Be sure to wrap the top of the bucket with plastic wrap to stop any spillage on your way over.

Locals BBQ & Grill will be glad to wash your bucket clean for you to take back home if it will fit into our two- minute dishwasher.

Any funds paid to Locals by Bently for the oil will be donated to Food for Thought, which provides meals for at-risk students to take home for the weekends.

Enjoy knowing your oils are driving around town in someone's diesel engine.

Locals BBQ & Grill will be closed for Thanksgiving.


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