Board approves data system for stimulus office

The Board of Examiners agreed Tuesday to seek $116,179 to develop and staff a stimulus data collecting and reporting system.

The state money will be matched by $98,403 in federal funding for a total of $214,582.

Director of Administration Andrew Clinger said the money was originally allocated to but not used by the controller's office for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act reporting requirements. He said it is needed because some ARRA programs don't allow the use of federal funding for administrative costs.

"This offsets costs to the ARRA office where we were not allowed to collect from ARRA grants," Clinger told the board consisting of the governor, secretary of state and attorney general.

Added to existing funding for the database project, the funding will pay for $159,385 worth of software development, licensing and training along with the salary of an analyst to manage the ARRA reporting system for the next year and a half.

The purpose is to build a data warehouse download ARRA reporting data from the federal Web site, accurately report the receipt and use of stimulus money in Nevada and put most that information on the Nevada Recovery Web site for all to see.

The contingency fund request goes before the legislative Interim Finance Committee on Thursday for final approval. Gov. Jim Gibbons said after the meeting he doesn't expect lawmakers to object to the appropriation.


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