Local business helps food bank keep its cool

After Freida Carbery found about 400 frozen hams, 2,500 juice boxes, 136 packets of turkey deli meat and 42 frozen pizzas delivered to the Dayton Food Bank that she directs, she said she's now considering getting a new set of wheels.

Namely a freezer truck to replace her Subaru.

Carbery found the frozen food on four pallets at the Dayton Food Bank last Thursday after it was delivered to her from the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. The only problem was she had nowhere to put it and feared the food could go bad.

Carbery said she started calling local restaurants to see if they could keep the food cold, and eventually she found an answer.

Carbery contacted Zachary Weaver, the general manager for Schwan's in Carson City, who offered to put the food in the company freezer truck to keep it from spoiling.

"You have a lot of product that's going to go bad, you don't want to see that happen," Weaver said. "Especially for what it's for."

The food will be distributed at the Dayton Food Bank, 170 Pike St., at

1 p.m. Thursday.


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