Letters to the Editor 11/19

Millions unspent that could help children in need

Everyone knows child abuse and neglect is a horrible affliction in our society, however, it is largely a hidden problem. I have tried to help to reduce the impact by working as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for abused and neglected children for the past seven years. My experience compels me to make this observation about a recent newspaper article that reported the Division of Child and Family Services (known as DCFS) "reverted" or returned

$9.8 million to the state of Nevada for fiscal year 2009.

It is the primary responsibility of this state agency to protect abused and neglected children. The administrator for DCFS stated in the article that this reversion was the result of positions held vacant and slower caseload growth than originally budgeted. I find this statement lacks credibility. While this amount of savings only constitutes a small fraction of the 2009 assigned budget for DCFS, the $9.8 million could have been used to fund needed additional field case workers along with resources to assist such stressed families.

Given these hard economic times for many families in Nevada, with unemployment over 13 percent, it would be shocking if there weren't a corresponding increase in family stress over the past two years likely accompanied by a concurrent increase in child abuse and neglect.

Are we dealing only with the tip of the iceberg here?

John H. Garvin


Vaccine shortage sign

of future health care

The current swine flu vaccination shortage is a preview of what we can expect in the future under Obamacare. Reports of long waiting lines over the entire country continue to come in with no relief in sight.

The CDC, under Obama, has known for months about the numerous manufacturing issues that are creating these delays. The CDC, in fact, contributed to the delays with a last-minute decision requiring manufacturers to supply single shots of the vaccine instead of vials.

Other warning bells have been going off since July but Obama dithered for months before declaring yet another emergency in October. Vaccine supplies appear be running at about 50 percent of the previous predictions.

Inserting layer upon layer of government bureaucrats into our health care process is not the answer. If Obamacare becomes law, we can expect long lines and shortages in every aspect of our health care in the future.

Bill Johnston

Carson City


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