Letters to the editor 11-27

Don't tread on me

Recently there have been many letters taking Congressman Dean Heller to task for opposing the Obama/Pelosi health care bill. Congressman Dean Heller is absolutely correct in his opposition to the bill.

This bill is 2,000-plus pages of federal government bureaucracy. Only the insane, Socialist/Marxist could possibly be for this bill. What federally run program has ever met its budget and not be fraught with fraud and excessive spending? Illegals will be covered as there is no picture ID requirement. This was voted down by the Democrats in the House. What rational American would leave life or death decisions in the hands of a federal bureaucrat? These decisions now are between the patient and the doctor.

What is happening to our freedoms? The American Revolution was a fight against tyranny and for the unalienable rights of man. This tyranny will not prevail. The original Constitution, the greatest document ever written pertaining to a government, was only 16 pages and will still be the law of our land.

Don't tread on me.

Steve and Sandra Markoe


Drivers of this bus

are drinking too much

I am absolutely, unalterably opposed to national health care because more government in our life is the last thing we need. The failed government programs existing need to be fixed first.

Enough is enough, every household in America must struggle to balance its budget as a priority, and I expect nothing less of our government - it's the American way!

It is inconceivable to me that intelligent beings in Washington, D.C., toil with more spending in times when unemployment is skyrocketing and the economy sinks lower and lower. Get a grip, folks, the drivers of this machine seem to be drinking too much!



Plan ahead before

visiting Washington

In the Nov. 15 edition, Mr. Crowley suggested people write letters to seven foreign state representatives who abstained on the Fort Hood vote. Although it may be a good patriotic idea, it would accomplish nothing.

A House rule states that letters from non-constituents need not be opened, read or answered. Letters may be forwarded to a Nevada representative, but this is very unlikely.

Writing letters to any government official in Washington is slower than the Pony Express. All mail received in the Washington post office is sent to a screening center. It may take as long as a month for a letter to reach the recipient.

The best way to get a letter to our senators or representatives is to take it to the nearest local office to be included in the mail pouch sent to Washington. If a message is urgent, the best mode to use is fax or e-mail.

Something else you may not know about Washington - a person cannot go there and expect to visit anybody. All government buildings have armed guards outside at all entrances. To enter, you have to have a written invitation, so plan ahead.

Donald W. Cunningham

Lt. Col. USAF Ret. & MSME

Carson City

Congress didn't get

it, but Senate better

A small majority of our Congress feels that they know what we Americans want, without even paying a single bit of attention to our actual concerns. Concerns that inundate their offices.

We asked Congress to vote against the TARP, and they arrogantly respond that they know we really want it. Apparently they are delusional enough to believe that they can read the minds of the voters. So the bankers had congress drop the TARP in front of us, while they pointed a gun at the economy, ordering us to "drop the wallets or the fair lady gets it!"

Congress didn't get it.

Congress voted against America and our beloved economy for the last time. We know who they are, we have their voting records. The voting records will be spread far and wide just in time for the upcoming elections, incumbents will depart and true representatives will be elected.

The Senate had better get it.

A vote for this bill is a vote against the will of the American people. The Senate better get it, or they won't be getting a check from the taxpayers anymore.




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