Genoa Country Store changing hands

The Genoa Country Store will be changing hands again this fall.

Owners Kathleen Contento and Doug Lubushkin, who purchased the market and deli in the spring of 2008, have announced they are selling the store to Benedetti Markets, Inc., with transfer of ownership occurring Oct. 1.

"Ron Benedetti's concept for the store holds to the Genoa tradition of community first," Lubushkin said in an e-mail. "He will be combining several proven concepts that will, taken together, provide a positive contribution to the community as well as a viable and profitable operation for the space."

Lubushkin said the reason for selling is simple.

"The amount of time and energy needed to maintain the quality of the store and the products put forth is too much for one person to handle without a partner sharing the duties," he said. "With the responsibilities and travel requirements of my job, I was never able to fill that role. So with mixed emotions she (Contento) is selling.

"Ron and Kathleen have become very close over the last three months and this decision has been a process on her part to ensure that the store is going to progress to the next level and reach its full potential."

Lubushkin said changes to the store will be minimal.

"Kathleen has been assured by Ron that changes will be minimal and phased in to ensure continued smooth operation of the store," he said. "Inclusive of the changes will be to increase the size of the deli operation, bring in a new deli case and add a range for catering and food preparation."

Lubushkin said the store's main focus is serving locals.

"The main idea is to cater primarily to the local community with grocery items, a focus on well-prepared foods, expansive deli with sandwiches as well as traditional deli offerings, cheeses, take-out food and wine," he said.

However, tourists are also part of the store's customer base.

"For this group, in addition to food and drink, there will be gift items," Lubushkin said. "Ron will also emphasize wines and include wine tasting and featured wines in order to build a stronger business in this segment."

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