Letters to the Editor 9/5

Carson residents be aware of catnapper

Watch out for the catnapper!

I know the news headlines are about a little girl being kidnapped in 1991, and this is no way compares to the pain and distress caused by this, but I want to send a warning out to Carson City residents. There's a catnapper on the loose.

A red Jeep Cherokee stopped in front of my house this morning, a lady got out and started calling to my cat, trying to lure her into her vehicle. Fortunately, she was being watched both by my girlfriend who works from home who stopped the crime, and from our cat's "grandma" who lives across the street who was on the scene in seconds.

I wish we had gotten this horrible person's license, I would have called the police on her. For those of us with pets, this is our family. If you have pets, watch out for this person, she's trying to kidnap someone from your family. And if it's you who are doing this, you should be ashamed of yourself. You need therapy, and maybe even some jail time to think about your actions.

We're watching for you.

Paul Grove

Carson City

Government programs not as successful as they seem

A response to Mr. Van Alfen's letter, "Millions of Americans getting brainwashed"

Yes, you make a point. Sadly, you're in that group you condemn, you are one of those millions who have been brainwashed. I agree Medicare, like Social Security, is a somewhat socialistic program. However, lets investigate and see how and whom brought us these programs. Democrats? Further, check and see which party stole these funds for their own agenda - right - Democrats.

Medicare is not a model of success as you point out, currently it has a deficit well over 50 billion dollars. The postal system in 2008 had a deficit of 2.8 billion and it's suggested to climb to 6 billion in 2009. As a veteran, I've seen veterans' care and It's one of the worst in the world.

Again, you use the public school system as a model, another misnomer on your part. There is very little success here, private schools continually out-perform the public school system. A new report shows that home schooling is 3.5 points better than public schools on standardized test.

Many of us had problems with the Bush administration, just as we do with Obama. I believe I'm older than you, about to collect Social Security, which I've been paying into since 14. Your name calling is normal, your lack of fact-finding is the trend. I'd suggest you go back to the Netherlands.

Gary Weikel

Carson City

Not going to stop screaming until someone listens

Gee whiz, Dr. Paslov, you are right. These American people are so divisive, the way they are stepping up and speaking out. Why, they are even reading the health care bill to find out what's in it, and they are quoting parts of it to show its errors.

That's terrible that they are not as ignorant as Congress (and the president), who are trying to ram this down our throats without reading it themselves. And what power do the Republicans have to affect this? A few talk show hosts against the machine that got the most socialist president in American history elected? Never mind that this movement is composed of all political parties.

Is that all you can do to promote your side, put down religious people as idiots with your "thugs thumping Bibles" comment? It makes me chuckle that you would talk about "civil debate" after playing the dopey religion card. Just what are you a doctor of? Not intelligent debate, apparently. God-fearing people built this country, and they knew that the history of the world has been despotism and anarchy. They knew that if this country was to prosper, the government couldn't have too much power. Perhaps you should read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and see how the government has abused its power.

So you can keep calling us Bible-thumping, right-wing, mindless racist mob thugs, and see what good that does for you. And we'll keep screaming until someone starts listening.

Erin Swezey

Carson City


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