Letters to the editor 9-10

Stop wasteful spending and save the country

I can remain silent no longer. We must start repairing the damage that the incompetent and fiscally irresponsible people in our government are causing. Some of the waste may never be cured, but the republic will survive if we elect proven officials that have successful track records in upholding the Constitution. God bless us all.

Dick Sigerist


Protest the roundup of our native wild horses

What species is targeted with so much hate, cruelty and ongoing intent to destroy them? Chased by motorized vehicles; dragged down by tires, captured and loaded into crowded trucks; shot for sport from aircraft a€¦ leaving them dying, paralyzed, their babies at their sides left to die; intentionally starved and isolated from water; targets of reprisals against people who care about them; driven across cattle guards to break their legs; using helicopters and loud horns to drive them into traps only to break their necks as they crash into the sides of the trap; and used for all sorts of recreational events simply because they are wild. People proudly brag and grin about how they shot them. Wild horses deserve more than being politically labeled estray/feral livestock as another way to mustang them.

Mitochondrial DNA and well established evolutionary evidence scientifically prove Americaa€™s wild horses are reintroduced North American native species.

Today, tragedy continues to strike them across the West, in eastern Nevada and in Montana. The few remaining numbers are vanishing by renegade BLM for no good reason other than greed and power.

Call President Obama 1-202-456-1111 to protest massive removals of these mighty spirits from their lands.

Betty Kelly

Co-founder, Wild Horse Spirit

Washoe Valley

Where did federal bailout dollars go?

I have a question to ask someone smart enough or well-informed enough to answer.

I have a very intelligent, well-trained and well-versed young son-in-law who is a hard-working mortgage broker. He has clients of good reputation and ample means who have found commercial properties they have made offers to buy and the owners have agreed to sell.

What is blocking these transactions from closure is that none of the banks a€" including those our federal government just gave billions to for the bailout from their bad choices previously a€" will make loans for these mortgages. None.

My question is: Please explain to me how the billions of our taxpayer dollars are relieving this disastrous economic debacle if we cannot now consummate legitimate mortgages the billions were conceived of as a solution?

What control has been written into that government bailout requiring full disclosure of what happens every single minute to all of our tax dollars?

As a taxpayer, I deserve and demand a true answer.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

Dean Hellera€™s ideas only help the rich

Dean Heller, regarding your suggestions as an alternative to the stimulus:

You say you can a€œturn this economy around on a dime.a€ You would a€œcut payroll tax in half,a€ you would a€œeliminate capital gains, estate taxes and lower corporate income taxes.a€ All to help the rich.

It is greed-based politics that got us here in the first place. Just keep helping the rich, and leave it to them to let it trickle down. News flash a€" it doesna€™t work. It only helps the greedy, Why cana€™t thick-headed Republicans get this?

Right now, it is the millions of hard-working Americans (not the few) who need the tax breaks, who in fact, need any kind of break they can get just to survive. Our hard work is not even getting us that.

The Rotary guy you insulted was right, you havena€™t learned anything.

And as far as you thinking you embarrassed him by making rude remarks about the fact that he supported our economy by buying a car, he has nothing to be embarrassed about.

You said, a€œI dona€™t think everyone has a right to own a new car.a€ Youa€™re right, but those who can buy one right now are supporting a huge part of our economy. Thanks to those of you who have bought a car and at the same time helped to boost our local and national economy.

Dean Heller, when you talk all I ever hear anymore is blah, blah, blah.

Jan Marie Brown

Carson City


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