Quinn appears to be winner in QB competition

BEREA, Ohio (AP) a€" Derek Anderson stood in the middle of the media huddle in Clevelanda€™s locker room and then stepped aside for Brady Quinn.

Perhaps for good.

The mystery surrounding Browns coach Eric Manginia€™s choice as his starting quarterback became somewhat clearer on Wednesday when Quinn and Anderson were forced to answer questions about their recently completed competition a€" a battle that carried through training camp and the exhibition season.

Anderson was asked if it would be difficult to keep the starting QB a secret until Sundaya€™s kickoff of the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

a€œNo,a€ Anderson said, a€œbecause after this next two minutes are over Ia€™m not going to be talking to you guys. Ita€™s pretty easy. Obviously, the rest of us have to go about our regular preparations and continue to do what we always do and just not talk to our families.a€

By a€œthe rest of usa€ Anderson seemed to mean the Browns backups, a group it looks as if he belongs to once again.

Mangini met with his quarterbacks on Tuesday night, told them who would start and explained the reasons for his decision. He said both handled the situation with class.

a€œThey both took it exactly the way I expected them to take it a€" as pros, as good teammates,a€ Mangini said. a€œIt was really not surprising.a€

Quinn has been favored all along to win the starting job, and although it now appears to be his, the former first-round pick is playing along with Manginia€™s wishes to guard his secret and keep the Vikings guessing.

Quinn confirmed that he and Anderson met with Mangini, but said they werena€™t told who would take the seasona€™s first snaps from center.

a€œHe talked to us about it, but he hasna€™t told us anything about a final decision for us,a€ Quinn said.

Those seem to be carefully chosen words since Mangini said he told his quarterbacks which one would open up against Brett Favre and the Vikings.

Mangini said he did feel the need to make an announcement to Clevelanda€™s other players.

a€œI think theya€™ll be able to figure it out,a€ he said.

It seems everyone is figuring it out.

By the time the Browns finished practice, word was beginning to leak that Quinn, who made three starts last season, was the winner.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing an anonymous league source, reported Quinn will start the opener.

Even Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens offered Quinn congratulations on his Twitter page, posting: Congrats 2 Brady Quinn 4 starting job w/Cleveland Browns!!

Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield shrugged off Manginia€™s cloak and dagger routine.

a€œIt doesna€™t make a difference to me,a€ he said. a€œIa€™m going to go home and watch film on Quinn and Anderson. It might just take me an extra half-hour at home to watch what they like to do, but nah, it doesna€™t bother me. I dona€™t really pay attention to it.a€

In the past, quarterback controversies have divided teams a€" even good ones. The Browns, who collapsed under huge expectations last season, are hoping to remain united as long as possible.

a€œWea€™ve got to stay together,a€ running back Jamal Lewis said. a€œWe cana€™t really worry about that or concentrate on that. We have to concentrate on what we have to do and our job and what wea€™re trying to accomplish no matter whoa€™s in there.a€

During the 30 minutes of practice open to the media, there was no way to tell if Quinn or Anderson had taken over Clevelanda€™s offense.

After stretching, Quinn worked with the running backs and Anderson threw to the wide receivers. Reporters were asked to leave before the team began 11-on-11 drills.

Mangini doesna€™t feel that asking his players to keep the Vikings a€" and everyone else a€" guessing the identity of Clevelanda€™s starter puts them in a difficult situation.

a€œI dona€™t think anybody is in an awkward spot of trying to maintain a competitive advantage,a€ Mangini said. a€œWe all do that, and thata€™s all of our goals, trying to do everything we need to do to win the game on Sunday.a€

The competition between Anderson, a Pro Bowler in 2007, and Quinn went down to the wire. They finished with similar statistics, but Quinn may have gotten the nod after completing 11 of 15 passes and throwing a touchdown in the third exhibition game against Tennessee.

Mangini kept both players out of last weeka€™s preseason finale in Chicago.

The Browns are the only team in the league that hasna€™t announced its Week 1 starting quarterback.


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