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Climate change must

be addressed globally

Legislation establishing a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gas emissions poses a serious threat to the American steel industry and other U.S. manufacturers. This legislation has already passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is currently being considered by the Senate.

The U.S. steel industry has voluntarily reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent since 1990, even while expanding production. The company I work for is part of Nucor Corporation, the largest steel manufacturer and recycler of steel in North America. Our company provides good-paying, family-supporting jobs. Even in this economy with unemployment soaring, Nucor has not laid off one worker.

However, these jobs are threatened by cap-and-trade legislation which will increase energy prices and create a competitive disadvantage if our foreign competitors are not held to the same environmental standards. The result will be a massive off-shoring of American jobs, production and know-how to countries like China, India and Brazil if they do not adopt similar greenhouse gas regulations. As production moves to unregulated countries, global greenhouse gas emissions will increase - the exact opposite goal of the legislation.

Climate change must be addressed globally in order to avoid creating competitive disadvantages. Otherwise, we will continue to send good-paying jobs overseas.

Tony Norris, Production Manager

American Building Systems

Carson City

For once Nevada's

Sen. Reid is correct

For once in his (political) career, Sen. Reid was correct about something. Yes, Sen. Reid, citizens of Nevada are entitled to proper health care, but given your cross-country alienation from the citizenry, you likely do not know that there is proper health care here, and it is available to everyone.

However, like food, clothing, transportation, utilities, etc., there is a charge for health care, but nowhere - and let me repeat - nowhere, does federal government intrusion fit into the process. The acts of the federal government are constitutionally limited, a fact that your now Euro-crat party seems not to understand. Stay out of our private lives.

Well, the elections of 2006 and 2008 have borne consequences that are devastating our capitalist society, including nationalizing of banking, industry and now a massive and costly interference in our private lives.

That is what brought ruin to Communist and Marxist societies, and now it is happening to this democratic republic. The voters asked for it.

Vernon M. Latshaw


Book on Nevada

ranching a must read

Any Nevada - rancher or not - who values open space and our western heritage may wish to read "The Family Ranch," by Linda Hussar. Recently published by the University of Nevada Press, this book tells wonderful stories about a number of ranch families.

More importantly, it presents in-depth discussions of several critical issues: (1) water as a limited resource which we must share; (2) meat, poultry and produce raised locally and organically in a sustainable fashion and, perhaps most importantly; (3) planning for succession so that arable land remains agricultural rather than being commercially developed.

I found the book at the Douglas County Library and found it to be informative, entertaining and well-written. Although I do not agree with all of the views presented by the author and the people about whom she writes, I learned a great deal from reading her work If you love Nevada as much as I do, check it out.

Mary Swallow Roman


Questions unanswered

in health care debate

The health care debate has been heated, but certain questions have still not been answered. How does the government propose to cram 46 million new people into the health care system and save money and improve service, when the number of providers and facilities stays the same?

Why is the Congress specifically exempt from the plan? The portion of U.S. health care that's bleeding red ink is the public sector, mainly Medicare and Medicaid.

Why should participants in the private health care system, which is paying its own way, be forced into the same reforms as the public sector? So says this disabled veteran.

Ed Mahoney


Sorry troops involved

in stupid, useless war

First of all, when I was 19 years old, I was very proud to serve my country in World War II.

Right now, I feel so very sorry that our troops have to fight and die in this stupid and useless war started by Bush and Dick "Halliburton" Cheney.

Any and all politicians who voted to let China sell all their stuff at the expense of millions of jobs lost should be tried by the courts to be held responsible for their actions. We have very few things left that are made in America.

I really believe that we have to get rid of at least 75 percent of the people in Washington. My wife of 63 years would like to know where the money has gone that's been paid back.

And I'd like to know if Nancy Pelosi still costs all of us $100,000 to fly back and forth between D.C. and her state.

Robert "Skip" Brandt

Carson City

Bush Sr. and Reagan

beat Obama to punch

In the "Your View" column of Sept. 6 Elaine Torres said she wouldn't let her child watch President Obama's back-to-school address. Her reasoning was "no other president has ever done it and there's no reason for him to do it either."

Obviously Torres doesn't have a clue as to what she is talking about or else she would know that President Reagan and President Bush Sr. did exactly the same thing while they were in office. But I'll bet that was OK with Torres because they were Republicans.

Edward Jackson

Carson City

Carson supervisors

need a reality check

I think our Carson City Board of Supervisors has lost touch with reality. An ice skating rink? How dare they even consider wasting taxpayers' monies on such an inane proposal?

Cost is $262,000. Revenues are projected at $120,000.

Stupid, yes?

Spend the monies (that's my money) on parks trimming and replacing old cottonwoods.

Ross Jensen

Carson City


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