Gas, electric rates to drop this winter

Northern Nevada customers of NV Energy will get a break on gas and electric rates this winter thanks to decreases in what NV Energy has to pay for fuel and purchased power.

Overall, electric rates will drop 7.6 percent under the plan approved Wednesday by the Public Utilities Commission. That equates to a $7.21 a month reduction to the average residential power bill to $98.22.

For gas customers in the Reno-Sparks area, the PUC approved an 8 percent price reduction, which will save the average user $5.84 a month, putting that average bill at $70.41.

Mary Simmons of NV Energy said natural gas prices have fallen significantly and those savings are passed through to customers.

The reduced prices apply both to natural gas sold to customers and gas used to generate electric power.

The PUC decision takes effect Oct. 1.

The ruling affects electric rates in Carson City but doesn't affect natural gas prices for the capital since Carson gets its natural gas from Southwest Gas.


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