Letters to the Editor 9/17

Obama a terrible guy for radical remarks

Obama is a terrible man. He actually wants to make a speech to our kids urging them to stay in school, study hard and pursue a better future through education. Fortunately, we have our Republican stalwarts to combat this menace.

They urged parents to keep their kids at home, urging teachers not to allow their students to see Obama's speech, and requiring alternate activities during the broadcast (Grand Theft Auto, anyone?).

Obama must be muzzled. If ignorance is diminished in our society, who will vote for Republicans?

Phil Stotts

Carson City

Choking incident leaves bad taste

Open letter to the very concerned family at a local restaurant on Sept. 10:

Thank you so much for your concern and assistance as my husband was choking at dinner. We really appreciated your complaint to the restaurant management that the man in the booth across the aisle was "throwing up" and it was "unsanitary."

My husband was choking, turning purple and couldn't breathe. This was your response? What absolutely outstandingly good Samaritans you are. What a fine example of human compassion you showed your children. I'm disgusted by your absolute lack of understanding and concern.

Be advised that if you or your children were in similar situation, my husband would be right there to help you instantly. Thank God that he is OK despite your deepest, heartfelt assistance. He will be helping others whenever needed as you turn a cold shoulder and submit nothing but complaints. Be proud of yourselves.

Sarah McKenzie

Carson City

V&T impacts access for area residents

I took a quad ride up the Carson River Canyon last Sunday, just to remind myself how nice it is up there. There were roughly 25 people camping, fishing, wading and just enjoying our beautiful canyon. The road has been closed by that boondoggle, the V&T Railroad, above the Eureka Mill site.

Now, I'm no lawyer and I don't play one on TV, but I do know that prescriptive easements apply to abandoned railroad beds. We, the people, have been using that road for recreational access for three generations, and I believe that we have the right to keep using it. I also believe that USC Title 43 Chapter 22 Section 935 requires the V&T scoundrels to build an access road at their own expense if they wish to take the present road.

They have already closed several good roads in Lyon and Storey counties, even though they could easily have built crossings. It is time to stop these road thieves.

Alan Humphreys

Carson City

What happened to the American way?

George Washington detested party and faction politics, he believed they worked against the nation and for narrow special interests. What would he think of Rush Limbaugh who "hopes President Obama fails" or minister Steven Anderson of the Faithful World Baptist Church, who strongly expresses hatred for Obama in many of his sermons, told his congregation that he wished him dead.

Or followers of Steven Anderson who carry guns to venues where President Obama is scheduled to appear. Or, how about groups that organize and attend town hall meetings on health care for the express purpose of disrupting the meetings. While Hitler and Stalin would applaud these tactics, they should have no place in America.

On something as important as health care, all Americans deserve to hear fair and accurate information. When a congresswoman says on the House floor that the Obama plan would euthanize senior citizens, we are getting partisanship, certainly not the truth. Members of Congress who spread these untruths are either liars or ignorant of the subject. In either case they are not fit to serve.

What happened to the American way? The loyal opposition? Civility? Truth? If the right expects to be a voice in American discourse, they need to change their ways. I voted for Nixon and Goldwater and Kerry and Obama but the Republican party is driving me away.

Ronald H. Adams



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