Cheers & Kudos

Congressman Heller: I am a parent of a Carson High varsity football player, Taylor Silva DE #40. At the game this past Friday night (Sept. 11), watching Carson dismantle No. 1 ranked Reed, I glanced up and noticed you and your family.

Thank you for your support. It means a ton to the parents, coaches and team. For the first time in a very long time, Carson will be going to state.

Go Senators!

Yvonne Silva

Carson City

In these hard times of job layoffs, I discovered positive help that I would like to pass on to others. Anyone with little or no income should check this out.

There's a phone number on NV Energy utility bills for Nevada Energy Connection. If you qualify, these people would love to help you with financial assistance for your utility bills and/or with weatherization assistance for your home.

Between the financial assistance on both my NV Energy bill and my Southwest Gas bill, improved insulation and weatherstripping for my home, and a new refrigerator, I feel like I was given a raise and a bonus. The process takes some time, but is well worth it.

If you qualify, they will analyze what they think will benefit your home the most, and will be glad to help. I'm sending a big thank you to Nevada Energy Connection and to the Energy and Weatherization Assistance Programs.

Rebecca Shannon

Carson City

While attending the Blue Angels Air Show at the Fallon Naval Air Station, we had the opportunity to speak to some of the Carson High Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps members. I was with a retired member of the military and we were both impressed with their exemplary behavior.

They answered questions in a polite and respectful manner using the word "Sir" often. They looked cool and crisp (even though it was a very hot day). My friend thought they could have already been dedicated Marines in boot camp. Congratulations to them, and their leaders as well.

Carol Pitts

Carson City


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