Letters to the Editor 9/19

High school visitors treated poorly

My family and I attended the SYFL football games at Carson High School recently. Instead of getting to play on the football field, we were directed to play at the little soccer field behind the bus barn. A couple of small sets of bleachers there were full all day, forcing many to bring lawn chairs or stand. The visitor side is all asphalt chips, pipes lying around, and very limited seating. Very poor accommodations. The scorekeepers could barely see the field from where they were set up on the field.

At all other schools, the players get to play on the proper gridiron, with good bleacher seating, a view where you can actually see the players on the field. The new turf fields that many schools are getting are in high demand for many in the community; other schools allow their fields to be used. Boo to Carson, and the person denying the kids and community the use of the football field.

Rich Clifton


Mr. Muth, have you no sense of decency?

Not so long ago, Chuck Muth advocated killing innocent civilians who had inadvertently stumbled onto a U.S. combat team sent to kill an enemy in a war zone. Now he writes that "civilian casualties are regrettable but often unavoidable" yet I don't sense any regret. In fact, he calls restraint in killing women and children "pussy-footing." Is he a psychopath? Or does he merely believe that any end justifies any means?

The idea that there is anything left to win in Afghanistan, and that it can be won with military force, has been discredited by history. Not just the history of Vietnam and of Iraq, which we see clearly enough, but the history of our own nation: women and children replenished the ammunition of the colonists who resisted the redcoats.

Invading a faraway land tends to invite resistance, and I suspect that if the positions were reversed that Mr. Muth would praise any woman or child courageous enough to pass the ammunition.

David Toll

Virginia City

The left engages in lies, hatred

Dr. Paslov's column (Aug. 15) reveals the truth of the saying that the left does what it accuses its opponents of doing. The left routinely prevents right-wing speakers from speaking but doesn't like it when left-wing speakers meet opposition of any kind.

When was the last time a conservative was allowed to speak on an American campus of any note without being savagely heckled at best, physically attacked at worst? The left turns out thugs at polling places, preventing Republicans from voting, but has a fit if a decent American black shows up peacefully armed outside a town hall to show his support for the Second Amendment.

The left said that there were no "death panels" in HR 3200, then said that they had been taken out of the bill, and then continued to lie about Sarah Palin's original statement, made when the "end-of-life" panels were still in the bill. I could go on but ...

The lies, misstatements and prevarication, to say nothing of the hate, virtually all come from the left. How do I know? Because the left says that all of that is coming from the right.

Charles Knapp

Carson City

Politicians get rich while we suffer

I do not know why everyone is stressing about Obama's health care.

There is a reason why, if we elect someone to the House or Senate and he is not a millionaire, he or she comes out as one. There is also a reason why the pharmaceutical and insurance companies hire lobbyists. Everyone in D.C wants everything to stay the same and it will. They all get richer and we suffer.

Rob Cobb Jr.

Carson City


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