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A money losing ice rink project again? The city has tried so many special events to lure people (money) to town, and so has the state.

In fact, one event, The International Whistle Off, attracted national attention and was featured on national television. It, like so many other special events, was a money loser, too, and was canceled. Wasting taxpayers' money is a good way to become unelected in most places.

Of all people to support this stupid idea is the editor of the newspaper. Forty-plus years ago we had a daily newspaper of normal size. Look at the part-time rag we now receive. It is a skeleton of what it used to be. Why? It's the economy, stupid.

Is anyone unaware of the problems we are having? Is it only the businessmen and women who have seen profits all but disappear? Maybe if you are a government employee, then things seem the same since your check is still delivered.

If the newspaper has to cut their costs in order to survive, how is it the editor could support the waste of taxpayer money? Is a city supposed to operate under a different set of economic rules than his paper?

Have you ever noticed how some elected officials find it so easy to spend someone else's money? I say, let them invest in their own ice rink if it's such a great deal.

Fred Fitts


(Editor's note: Forty years ago, the Nevada Appeal was a six-day paper. The Sunday, Sept. 21, 1969 issue was 12 pages. Earlier that decade, the Appeal was a five-day-a-week tabloid, roughly the same size it is now, but with fewer pages. The editor cordially invites Mr. Fitts to come by and peruse old issues, see how they compare to today's Appeal.)

As chair of the Nevada Commission on Tourism, which appoints the Carson River Regional Recreation Steering Committee, I want to extend on behalf of our members my sincere thanks for the Nevada National Guard's extraordinary airlift operation removing junk cars from the river on Sept. 11. Their expertise and precision were truly remarkable.

The officers and crew tackled a challenging set of circumstances and performed a badly needed service to the community, and indeed to the entire Northern Nevada region. Our committee had hoped for removal of six to eight cars, but the Guard pressed on and lifted out 20 cars, an amazing accomplishment. The cars had posed a serious public safety hazard for rafters and kayakers and created an unsightly blight on the environment.

As you know, we are anticipating the coming of the historic V&T Railway into the Carson River Canyon, which will expose the beautiful river to visitors from all over the world. The rusted cars spoiled an otherwise perfect view, but thanks to the Guard's efforts, these cars are gone and the river's beauty is restored.

This operation exemplifies the way in which government agencies can work successfully together to improve public safety and enhance quality of life. Utilizing a Guard training mission for the good of the community was an inspired decision.

To you and to all of the Guard members involved, thank you for a difficult job extremely well done.

Brian K. Krolicki

Nevada Lieutenant Governor

You have to feel sorry for Congressman Heller. He is probably an honorable person at heart, but he has been forced by his Republican masters to climb into bed with the devil on health care reform.

Although his suggestion to eliminate frivolous medical lawsuits and his support for importing medicines from certified foreign sources are both commendable initiatives, his unrelenting efforts to protect the health insurance companies is reprehensible.

He would have us pity the insurance corporations if they had to compete against a public insurance option, but these same companies showed no pity for the millions of people they have denied coverage, no pity for the millions of people who have had legitimate claims denied for arbitrary and specious reasons, no pity for the millions of people whose coverage was terminated when they became ill.

Free enterprise is a good thing, and the PACS that give money to Congressman Heller reflect his support for the business community, but the health insurance companies have become so greedy, so sociopathic in their nature, that they give all other corporations a very bad stink.

The best thing that Congress could do to reform the health care system in this country is to create a public option so that all people could become insured, and eliminate the health insurance companies that have become so extraordinarily profitable at the expense of both the health care providers and their ailing patients.

Phil Stotts

Carson City

Where is everybody? Are you not listening? I see nothing about the recent news about our so-called politicians. I see nothing in your paper regarding our people surrounding our president. What about the tax evaders running our country? What about the connections to socialism surrounding our president? What about the past of our president? My feelings are once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, and that applies to the people and organizations they associated themselves with. What about ACORN? I see nothing in the news or liberal media about that.

Jean Olson

South Lake Tahoe


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