Letters to the Editor 9/23

Why wait to cut the waste in Medicare?

Why hasn't he gotten started? President Obama's stated solution to the unwieldy cost of his health care plan (which is really just a promise because there is no plan) is to eliminate hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud from Medicare.

What an insult to our intelligence! If a half trillion dollars is waiting to be squeezed painlessly out of Medicare, why wait for health care reform? If, as President Obama repeatedly insists, Medicare overspending is breaking the budget, why hasn't he gotten started on the painless billions in waste and fraud savings?

Joan Neufeld


Cartoon showed liberal's intolerance

The cartoon about the "GOP Strategy Room" in the Nevada Appeal says it all. Killbuck, the cartoonist, is a typical tolerant liberal that is tolerant of the liberal view only.

Next time you hear the Republican Party is the party of "no," remember the definition originated with a tolerant liberal. Next time you hear that Republicans have no plan, it's because the tolerant liberals are not listening, that is, unless you agree with them.

The intolerant Republicans, as well as independent conservatives, are listening to the idiocy spewing from the tolerant liberal majority. The more they babble, the better the chance that 2010 will bring change we can believe in as opposed to changing what we believe in.

Richard Frost


Manager's comments hurt business efforts

"Clueless in Carson City" is the message I read in the Sept. 17 Nevada Appeal article, "Chamber, city officials discuss Carson's future."

City Manager Larry Werner just sent two potential companies packing with his wise comments, "(The counties) are not going to compete with each other," and, "We're trying to identify the types of businesses that should go into each community."

By the way, retail is not the sole answer to Carson's economic future. Competition is good and healthy. Douglas and Storey counties are active and aggressively recruiting new businesses. Does the Chamber really support this attitude?

I guess it's back to (former supevisors) Greg Smith's "We don't want manufacturing" and Ron Swerzick's "Maybe I'll let them in my town" attitude.

Wake up, Carson City, or you will get flushed.

Kris Hol

Executive director

Nevada Business Connections


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