Letters to the Editor 9/24

Government kowtowing to environmentalists

I grew up in California when it was beautiful and green. If you drove through the foothills along the coast you would see oil fields. With the help of environmentalists, those oil fields were capped, so that we could become more oil-dependent on other countries.

Last evening, my husband turned on Fox News to watch Sean Hannity. When I looked in to see what they were talking about, I almost had a panic attack. The title of Sean's show was, "The Valley Hope Forgot." On the screen it said, "Huron, California." I still have family members in that area where I grew up. I used to work in the fields that they showed. I sat there in horror remembering the stories my grandmother told me of the dust bowl days.

I'm certain that all my concerns are unwarranted. I'm sure some Middle Eastern country will be more than happy to provide food and commodities to a Third World country called America. Once our president gets socialized medicine in place, he can make a deal with that foreign country. Then we can pay them with all that useless paper we keep printing.

The saddest part of this story is that our fertile fields are not drying up because of the drought, nor are all those people out of work for that reason. This is our government destroying not just a state but our country while they brown-nose the environmentalists. Wake up America.

Julia Wells

Silver Springs

Don't judge people on appearance

Looks can incite excitement, lust and love. Looks can also incite fear and aggression. I believe the world needs to close its eyes before judging someone.

All of us have judged someone on their appearance without ever having spoken to them. We've all seen someone we didn't care for by the piercings on their face, or just by the clothes they wear. We've all been attracted to someone by how attractive they appear. But have we ever talked to those people? I'm sure if we had talked to them, they wouldn't appear as attractive or as offensive as we may think they are.

Let's think way back when people used to be judged by how hard they worked and took care of their family. The only looks that mattered were the sweat on a man's face after a day's work. People would see that and think that that person works hard to support his family. Nowadays, people aren't judged by the way they work, they are simply judged by the clothes they wear or the way they act.

Recently, I dyed a blonde stripe through my hair, not to rebel or to stand out, but to see how people would judge me. Since dying my hair, my intelligence and education have been insulted by friends, and even doctors. If they were to close their eyes and take time to speak to me, they might see the educated, intelligent person they wouldn't see with open eyes.

Michael Jones


Missing stop signs can be deadly

I would like to know who removed the stop signs from the bike paths along the highway on Roop/Emerson.

The speed limit on Emerson is 35 mph. Last week I was driving south on Emerson when a man on a bike traveling east came off the bike path. He never stopped or looked both ways. I had to brake to keep from hitting him. This is very dangerous to all persons - bikes and cars.

Could someone from the city please look into this?

Jim Grant

Carson City

Peanuts can be deadly to allergic children

For a parent whose child is peanut anaphylactic, dropping their child off at school is like dropping them off in a minefield, with the potential for peanut residue to contaminate water fountains, door knobs and even school supplies - which can lead to death.

First, children have the right to attend school without the fear of being harmed. Second, peanut-free schools lead to a safer, more controlled environment since children and adults can experience life-threatening reactions when exposed to peanuts.

I know from personal experience what it's like to worry every day, not being able to control what your child can touch or ingest. I also know what it's like to see your child having an anaphylactic reaction: vomiting, listless, barely breathing, turning blue and hives all over.

Most parents don't get it, they send peanut butter and jelly because it's easy and economical. I totally understand. I, on the other hand, have seen what it can do. I would rather send something else in my child's lunch before I would risk harm to another. People say, "Peanut butter and jelly is all that my child will eat." There must be something else out there that they could have, especially to keep others safe.

People have said if we ban everything from school that kids have allergies to, there would be nothing left to eat. True, but most allergies are a rash with itching or hives. Unfortunately, peanuts can cause death.  

Lori Primak

Carson City


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