Letters to the Editor

Virginia City residents will be able to use public transit to Carson at least one day a week. Perhaps more residents would want the freedom to leave the car at home if they knew that bus transportation provided was convenient and affordable for getting where they want to go.

The recent article states this was an interlocal agreement with Carson City providing bus service to Virginia City. Imagine one county working with a neighboring county on a transportation plan, in a one-year time span, that allows residents bus service, and no taxes had to be raised.

Dayton's residents two years ago conducted a transit survey to 678 residents, and 83 percent wanted a bus service. Lyon County Planning Department also did its own survey. The response from 518 residents was more than 70 percent wanted bus service.

Dayton residents also were interested in having JAC provide transportation service through Mound House, Dayton and Silver City as a starter service. JAC would have provided the bus service if Lyon County wanted to work with them. Virginia City was also looking to partner with Lyon County for JAC to provide a regional service connecting both communities with Carson. No interest in Lyon County.

Congratulations to both Carson and Virginia City for your "can-do" efforts by working together regionally.

Linda Adams


I read Phil Stotts' letter to the editor on Sept. 16, and I would like to explain a few things to him that most people already understand. Not all issues are reduced to "ignorant" Republicans vs. Democrats.

Mr. Stotts, my child's birth certificate clarifies that I am the parent and guardian of my child and am therefore responsible for whatever he gets exposed to. If I believe that exposing my 6-year-old, first-grade son to political machinations is wrong, I have the right to intervene. Children do not need to be pulled involuntarily into the political arena. They are children, not miniature adults, and should never be used for political pandering. I don't care who the president is.

School, recess, sports, jumping rope, jumping puddles, crayons and toys - that is a child's world, Mr. Stotts. Either you never had children or you've forgotten, but don't attack parents like me and refer to us as "ignorant" Republicans for opting our children out, thereby giving them back their hour of valuable learning time.

My son hears daily how important school, studying and continuing education is, having President Obama say it doesn't give it any more clout.

Tracey Shoemaker

Carson City


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