Plan would keep state parks open

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a plan that would allow for all state parks to remain open without increasing the Department of Parks and Recreation budget appropriation.

Following the passage of the budget reduction in July, Schwarzenegger asked the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Finance to work together on a plan to achieve $14.2 million in budget savings in the current fiscal year while mitigating the number of park closures. State parks at Lake Tahoe include Emerald Bay State Park, Sugar Pine Point State Park, and Lake Valley State Recreation Area, which contains the Lake Tahoe Golf Course.

"Working closely with my departments of Finance and Parks and Recreation, we have successfully found a way to avoid closing parks this year," Schwarzenegger said. "This is fantastic news for all Californians."

According to a memo issued Thursday, parks officials said they can make up the difference by reducing hours, maintenance, major equipment purchases and service.

The original plan was to close more than 100 parks.


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