Letters to the Editor 9/26

Don't waste money on another consultant

It has been recently reported that the Lyon County Commissioners are going to spend more money on a jail consultant. How many tens of thousands of dollars has to be wasted on this project?

If I remember right, a sheriff was elected who stated he had the experience to know what kind of jail should be built. He also brought in an undersheriff that he told voters had tons of jail experience. Seems the voters of Lyon County were not told the truth. The real motivation for not moving the jail to Silver Springs is - it is not in the best interest of all those living in Yerington. Heaven forbid Yerington would be inconvenienced.

There is a simple solution to the problem that the county manager asked help in solving. There is a female prison close to Silver Springs and centrally located that was closed by the state. It can be purchased - 40 acres, building and all - for $1.2 million. Upgrades, such as moving water and sewer lines, would be minimal. Putting a two-tier chain link fence with razor wire would be minimal. Building a pod to house violent arrestees would be minimal. The majority of the criminals housed in a county jail facility are non-violent misdemeanor (offenders).

It has been estimated that a new jail, courthouse and law enforcement center would cost more than $15 million. Utilizing the state facility with upgrades, courthouse and law enforcement center could be done for approximately $6 million to $7 million.

Don't waste our money on another stupid consultant. Have the sheriff and his undersheriff do what they are paid to do - lead.

Charlie Duke


Shouldn't charity begin at home?

I'm confused. Please help me understand. Under the proposed new government plan, if you don't have health care you can be fined up to $3,800. So, if I can't afford health care in the first place, how will I pay the fine?

Illegals are coming to this country and are getting health care under fake identities and never being pursued. So how will they be held accountable for the bills? I know we will be paying for it with the $3,800 fine.

Illegals are crossing our borders unchecked and bringing illness once abolished in our country. But yet I am required to get a flu shot? Children cannot attend schools unless they receive numerous shots?

They want to start a new form of identity for Americans, the "real ID" program. So, folks that are elderly have to somehow dig up their birth certificates to prove who they are. But yet the person driving behind me may not have insurance or a permit? Or even be a citizen?

I understand that Obama is trying to help out this country, but at what cost? To my perspective, the only people that are/and will be receiving free health care are the illegals.

So this I ask you, Mr. Obama, until we no longer have American veterans and American families sleeping in the streets, why don't we close the borders to any and all undocumented Immigrants?

Does not the Bible say "charity begins at home"?

Donald Jackson

Carson City

Can the nightmare finally be over?

Eighteen long years later, drained of all hope, Jaycee Dugard was found and brought home to her family. For 18 years Phillip and Nancy Garrido stole from the Dugard family, years of damage rendered. Can it finally be over for the Dugards to be able to wake up from this nightmare?

I feel anguish for this newly reunited family, although it must be marvelous and miraculous for them to know that their daughter is alive and once again at home with them. Even supposing the bad guy is gone, Jaycee has a long battle ahead of her that she must fight. It breaks my heart to think of all the physiological damage done that Jaycee only knows as normal.

Sex offender Phillip Garrido and his wife Nancy kidnapped Jaycee three years after he was released from prison for another kidnapping and rape charge. On his criminal record, he was also charged with exposing himself to young 7-year-old girls.

How Garrido was able to reduce his 50-year sentence to 11 years served plus parole was astonishing. He wrote letters to the judge of his case stating that he had a problem with drugs, and the drugs were what inspired his actions.

In my opinion, Garrido is a truly sick individual. He should have never been released. Jaycee's life probably would have been much easier and far much less traumatic.

I wish Jaycee and her family strength and luck for the upcoming battle I see ahead of them. Hopefully, it's not too late for Jaycee to have a happy life and carry on with a bright future for her and her children.

Rachel Campbell

Zephyr Cove

Health care reform too expensive

Sen. Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are trying to ram President Obama's health care reform down the throat of the populace. H.R. 3200 is too costly.

Charles L. Sheldon



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