Didn't get your census form? A census taker will come to you

Warren Morgan of Dayton wants to be counted.

But because Morgan's address is a post office box rather than a street address, the Census Bureau won't mail him a form.

When he called the census office to ask where his form was, Morgan was told they don't send forms to P.O. boxes, and a census taker would come to his house in May or June to get his form filled out.

"I want to be counted but I might not be home when the census taker comes," he said. "It seems like there should be some way of shortcutting this problem."

Morgan isn't alone. Pam Du Pre of the Secretary of State's office said they are receiving numerous calls from people willing to be counted who haven't received their form in the mail - almost all of whom rely on P.O. boxes.

"We are hearing from a number of Nevadans who want to be counted," she said. "They are really going the extra mile to be counted."

Leo Cardenas of the U.S. census regional office in Denver said those who don't receive a form by mail will receive a home visit from a census taker.

If they aren't there at the time, he said the census taker will leave a questionnaire on their door to fill out.

If all else fails and a person hasn't received a form or a visit by June 12, Cardenas said they should call 866-872-6868 and a form will be mailed to them.


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