Carson High lockdown ends; students released from class

UPDATED at 1:43 p.m.: Sheriff's deputies say they were unable to substantiate the rumor of a possible shooting. Students will be released from class on schedule. Officers will remain on scene.


Carson High School is on lockdown today with no admittance after notification to officials of a possible threat. Sheriff's deputies and detectives are on scene.

Carson City Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ray Saylo said, "There were several rumors we had picked up earlier today about the possibility of some students doing some shooting at the school."

"We're interviewing some of the students that indicated to us they heard this rumor," Saylo said. "We cannot substantiate the rumor, there are no names. It's just a rumor."

The school is on total lockdown until students are released to go home. Students are in locked classrooms, and no one can enter or leave the building.

"Parents should not come to the school," Carson City Under Sheriff Steve Albertsen said. "All the kids are safe. We are on scene and handling the situation."

Saylo said, "The first rumor came in this morning before school started and as the day progressed the rumor started to spread and students became concerned."

Superintendent Richard Stokes said, "They shut it down to investigate to make sure they could keep everyone as safe as possible. They are still looking into it and will know more later."

Stokes urged parents not to panic. "Our folks are well trained and they're taking all the steps they typically would. We take every threat very seriously."

Details will be updated as they become available.


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