Rumor prompts school lockdown

A rumor that someone was planning a shooting at Carson High School when classes let out on Friday prompted school and police officials to lockdown the city's only high school just after lunch.

Carson City Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ray Saylo said rumors began circulating early Friday morning and by late morning students became concerned and contacted the school resource officer.

Just after noon, Principal Ron Beck ordered the school into a "lockdown without admittance," which means students and faculty stay where they are and no one can enter or leave the building until it is cleared, said Superintendent Richard Stokes.

Stokes said that during a lockdown without admittance students and staff also are instructed to stay clear of windows and doors and keep their noise to a minimum.

About a dozen deputies and detectives converged on the school and began interviewing students. Officials were unable to confirm any of the rumor, said Saylo.

"We cannot substantiate the rumor. There are no names. Nothing. It's just a rumor," said Saylo.

A recorded message from Stokes also went out to parents explaining the situation. By the time classes were released on schedule, a large police presence was on hand. No incidents were reported.

"Ever since probably the whole country was alerted to the reality of school shootings like what happened in Columbine, we've prepared ourselves and our students in the event that something like that occurs here," said Stokes. "We appreciate the support of the sheriff's department and we appreciate the way in which our staff and students responded to the issue."


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